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Equine Classes and What the Future Holds

Hi everyone! The spring semester is now in full swing. Well, mostly full swing. Considering winter storm Jonas pushed back the journey to school for a few days. I digress. I already know...

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Proud Flesh and How to Prevent it

What Proud Flesh Is: As your horse's wound begins to heal, pinkish granulation tissue fills in the gaps between soft tissues. Granulation tissue normally stops forming as the skin edges grow together...

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Finals Week, the Equestrian Way

I’m alive! When I go into recluse mode, it can only mean one thing: finals week. Or finals season, because all college students know that the hard work starts well before that final week of...

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Things We Love About WeatherBeeta

Here's what these world-class innovators have to say about what drives their brand, what spells success and what's in the works for the future.

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Book Review: The Horse--The Epic History of Our Noble Companion

Wendy Williams takes on a daunting task--to explore 56 million years of horse history and show how the human-equine bond has evolved. I'd say, mission accomplished in this entertaining and illuminating book. It's a "keeper."

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Body Condition Scoring Your Horse

Body condition influences everything in your horse’s life, from reproductive efficiency, to performance, to good health. By using Body Condition...

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A Run-Down on IDA Shows

Hi everyone! Dressage team competing members at the first show of the semester The season of finals is upon us (for those of you also in school), and I admit I am ready for a break. It...

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How do I pull my horse’s mane?

Top equine groom Liv Gude shares her tips for pulling a horse's mane.

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EquiSearch Holiday Gift Guide 2015

The 2015 holiday shopping season is upon us! To help, our team at EquiSearch has rounded up 12 fresh gift ideas for the special horse lovers on your list. Hand-Dyed Ombré Cotton Lead...

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Bodybuilding and Riding?

Being a fit rider is important for both yourself and your horse, and any form for exercise can help make you a better rider.

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How to Stop Your Horse's Strange Bit Behavior

Does your horse seem uncomfortable when bridled? It could be due to a variety of issues.

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Fall Favorites for Equestrians

Hello everyone! Check out my full video on Youtube! It is *finally* consistently chilly out here in PA, and brisk weather is my absolute favorite to ride in. Especially when the horses...

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How to Stop Your Horse from Swapping Leads

Learn some tips to keep your horse from swapping his canter leads.

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When you Lose a Horse...

Hey everyone, Credit: Kimberly Tucker Photography Senior portraits with Calais I haven’t forgotten about my promised “fall favorites for equestrians” post (coming up...

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Selling and Importing Mares vs. Geldings

Are Mares Harder to Import and Sell than Geldings?

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