How Physical Fitness Impacts Riding and Confidence

Sports psychologist Jenny Susser explains how physical fitness impacts riding and confidence.

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Rider Fitness: Lengthen and Loosen Your Muscles

Rebecca Ashton tells you how to get the most of out stretching.

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Improve Spinal and Pelvic Mobility

Rider fitness columnist, Rebecca Ashton gives you exercises to help you locate any blockages in the muscles of your pelvis and back.

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Riding While Pregnant

Is it safe to continue riding dressage while pregnant? Two professionals share their stories.

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Engage Your Core to Ride Better

Fitness Columnist Rebecca Ashton gives you exercises to strengthen and engage your core.

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Rider Fitness: Workout with Gliders

As a dressage judge traveling extensively around the country, I frequently see riders who lack balance and often have an inability to maintain a stable core. Our current dressage tests now have three components in the Rider score: seat and position,

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Saddle Sore No More

As we get older, time in the saddle can bring on aches and pains. Here’s one horseman’s advice on how to minimize discomfort and enjoy your rides.

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Rainy Day Exercises

Keep your students in “riding shape” even when they’re not able to ride.

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Fitness Secrets of the Stars

Here's what some top equestrians say about why they work out--and why they think you should, as well.

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Howdy and Namaste: Dude ranch with yoga-inspired activities

Dude ranches don't always have to be a working weekend. Check out these dude ranches that offer yoga from American Cowboy's Associate Editor Lauren Feldman:Yoga at the Colorado Dude Ranch Vacation

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Here's the Zen Mind, Zen Horse and Aging Gracefully Webinar Recording

Dr. Allan Hamilton and horse friends. | Photo courtesy of Dr. Allan HamiltonIf you missed it we got it.I'm referring of course to the free interactive author webinar from MyHorse Books called "Zen

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Wounded Warriors Project Teams Up with the Professional Association of Theraputic Horsemanship Intl.

Photo Courtesy PATH Intl.Anyone who has ever spent time around a horse can attest to how therapeutic it can be.Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship (PATH) Intl. a leader in equine-assisted

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Rider Fitness: Use of the Plank

DT's Fitness Columnist Rebecca Ashton takes you through plank progressions and explains why they're great for riding.

Day 30: Exercise to Reduce Pain

One of the best results gained from improving your fitness is reduced back and hip pain. As the muscles surrounding your spine and hips get stronger, they support the...

Perfect Positioning Exercise

Build your balance and improve your riding with this simple-yet-challenging exercise from top trainer/clinician Julie Goodnight.

Day 1: Move it, move it!

Over the next 31 days Dressage Today and SmartPak will offer you tips from experts in exercise, nutrition and mental health to help you and your horse stay fit through...

Overball Rotation Exercises for Riders

These exercises from Rebecca Ashton work on your rotation to help with turns, corners and lateral work on your horse.

Day 9: Pelvic Rocking for Core Awareness

Use these exercises to bring focus to your core and center of balance before your weight training, aerobic work or ride. For both movements, sit on an exercise ball or...

Day 21: Maintain Your Posture

We hear a lot of discussion about improving the topline of a horse. Riders can train for better posture by strengthening the muscles in the chain in their ?backline.'?...

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