10-Meter Circles Deconstructed

Circles are a geometric challenge in dressage that, when mastered and well-ridden, can set the stage for a beautiful test. If ridden well, a circle will supple the horse and prepare him for movements that may come after the circle. The diameter of

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Tackling the ‘Hunter Puissance’

Some of the nation’s top riders faced down barnyard critters,125 tons of sand and a massive wall during the 2016 USHJA International Hunter Derby Championship.

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The Facts About Head Injuries

Most riders know the importance of taking basic safety measures to prevent injury during our time in the saddle. We have been taught to wear our properly fitted helmets, carefully inspect the condition of all of our tack and vigilantly keep watch for

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Thrifty Summer Fun

Enjoy your horses this summer, while keeping an eye on your budget.

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Your Best-Ever Safety Guidelines

Credit: Photo by Alana Harrison Horseback riding can be a dangerous sport. You can make it less so by maintaining the right mindset and following key rules. To dramatically reduce your...

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Drop the Stirrups

A few simple exercises while riding without stirrups will boost your strength, stamina, effectiveness, and confidence.

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What is PATH Intl. and What Do They Offer?

The Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International (PATH Intl.) was founded in 1969 as the North American Riding for the Handicapped Association (NARHA) to promote safe and...

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Remember to Breathe

To help overcome this nervous anxiety and tension, counting steps and breathing can be a very good method. Counting helps a rider to think and ride forward in rhythm. When counting out loud, the rider needs to breathe out in a regular rhythm, and the

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Correct Body Alignment to Ride Bending Lines

Every rider I teach knows that I am a stickler about body alignment. By keeping your seat in the correct position, you allow the energy to flow through your legs in the right way and go to your hands in the right way. The horse is like a hose, and

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Get fit to ride light

In this excerpt from her new book, Riding Through Thick & Thin, author and equestrian Melinda Folse describes how taking care of your body can help you become a better and happier rider.

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Research Released on Therapeutic Riding and PTSD

University of Missouri-Columbia, College of Veterinary Medicine recently reported on findings from their research related to military veterans with symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)...

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Learn the Crossfit Squat to Help You Ride Better

I’ve always felt that every rider should have a certain level of fitness—especially trainers or advanced riders. We work toward improving our horse’s fitness daily, so we should at least try to improve our own fitness. Yoga, Pilates and dance are a

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Webinar: How To Be a Successful Eventer with Phillip Dutton

Learn how to succeed in the sport of eventing no matter what your level in this webinar with Olympian Phillip Dutton.

A Show Jumper Goes Reining: Part II

Read Philip's account of his first days at the Cowboy Capital Classic here. While I have a lot of material to cover concerning the last two days of showing, the...

Video: Take the Stress Out of Flying Lead Changes

The key to making smooth flying lead changes is to give just enough input to your horse to cue the change without interfering with his relaxation, balance, straightness...

VIDEO: Trevor Brazile's Team of Horses

Trevor Brazile owns some of the best timed-event horses in the business, and he tells us about each of them.

Video: Creating A Winning System with McLain Ward

McLain Ward | Photo by Sandra Oliynyk "Does your horse ever stop?" McLain Ward asked Carolyn Curcio after she had jumped a 2-foot crossrail in the center of the ring a...

How to begin round penning a young horse

Charles Wilhelm shows how to start a young horse in the round pen, the equipment to use and some basic exercises.

Jade Corkill's Bad Habits as a Kid

What did Corkill struggle with while learning to rope?

VIDEO: Trevor Brazile's Great Horses

Trevor Brazile talks about the best rope horses he's ever owned.

Ken McNabb Horsemanship Video

The horror of the spot the horses in this trailer were in is beyond imagination. But they did manage to avert problems.

Video: How to Do An Emergency Dismount

Watch this video from the Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA) on how to do an emergency dismount.

Video: Danger Zones Around the Horse

In this Certified Horsemanship Association video learn the danger zones around a horse on the ground and how to use horse behavior to work around them safely.

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