What is PATH Intl. and What Do They Offer?

The Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International (PATH Intl.) was founded in 1969 as the North American Riding for the Handicapped Association (NARHA) to promote safe and...

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Remember to Breathe

To help overcome this nervous anxiety and tension, counting steps and breathing can be a very good method. Counting helps a rider to think and ride forward in rhythm. When counting out loud, the rider needs to breathe out in a regular rhythm, and the

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Correct Body Alignment to Ride Bending Lines

Every rider I teach knows that I am a stickler about body alignment. By keeping your seat in the correct position, you allow the energy to flow through your legs in the right way and go to your hands in the right way. The horse is like a hose, and

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Get fit to ride light

In this excerpt from her new book, Riding Through Thick & Thin, author and equestrian Melinda Folse describes how taking care of your body can help you become a better and happier rider.

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Research Released on Therapeutic Riding and PTSD

University of Missouri-Columbia, College of Veterinary Medicine recently reported on findings from their research related to military veterans with symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)...

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Learn the Crossfit Squat to Help You Ride Better

I’ve always felt that every rider should have a certain level of fitness—especially trainers or advanced riders. We work toward improving our horse’s fitness daily, so we should at least try to improve our own fitness. Yoga, Pilates and dance are a

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How to Ride a Spiral Circle

Spiraling in and spiraling out on a 20-meter circle are exercises I use a lot both when training horses and showing riders how to collect without a backward thought and ride positively forward from back to front. In both exercises it is useful to

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Evaluating Form and Function

A little geometry goes a long way in training your current horse or shopping for your next.

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Is posting easier on a horse’s back?

Researchers explain the force exerted by a rider on the horse's back during the trot.

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Peter Lutz: Four Weeks to Showtime

Peter Lutz helps you make the best prep plan for the lead-up to a big show.

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The Rarely Ridden Horse

Use these five strategies from our experts to keep your seldom-ridden horse tuned-up and connected with you.

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Setting Your Horse Up For Success

My goal is to train in a way that my horse always feels I am fair and to explain things in a logical manner that he can understand. I always try my best to avoid confrontation and never ask for more than my horse can manage physically and mentally.

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Solving Trail Problems - The Barn Sour Horse

Leaving the barn can be a sticking point for some horses. With patience and persistence, Charles demonstrates how to work through a horse's resistance by closing escape...

Jochen Schleese Saddle Fitting Tip 2 - Wither Clearance

Clearance at the withers should be 2-3 fingers for normal withers, mutton withers will have more clearance, and high withers will have less clearance. Clearance should be...

Legend DVD: Dummy Basics with Trevor Brazile and Patrick Smith

Trevor Brazile and Patrick Smith talk about the basics of roping the dummy.

Western Dressage Basic Test

The May 2012 Talk page reported that the Pinto Horse Association has added Western Dressage to it's world show lineup for 2012. To see a basic test of this fast-growing...

Creating a Better Stop

Charles Wilhelm shows how to get a better stop from your horse and the walk, trot and canter.

Delivery: Patrick Smith's Driven

Smith explains delivery details in his DVD, Driven.

Types of Snaffle Bits with Charles Wilhelm

Not sure what bit to use? Charles walks you through the type of snaffle bits by explaining the different functions based on style, diameter, and metal.

VIDEO: On the #RoadtoNFR13 with Trevor and Shada Brazile

We caught up with them to find out how family life works on Team Relentless.

Moving Both Ends of a Colt

Watch as Clinton Anderson shows you how to get both ends of your colt moving during your first ride.

Video: Build Trust for Better Trot Lengthenings

Part 1: Your horse will offer his best effort at trot lengthenings if he trusts in the connection of your aids.

Video: Will Coleman on His Training Philosophy

Olympic eventer Will Coleman discusses his training philosophy at a clinic for Olney Farm riders, the winners of the 2013 Washington International Barn Night spirit...

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