Address Mental Stress in Horse and Rider

Dressage seems to attract people of a certain mentality and it is not one of the easy-going surfer dude who leisurely hangs out and is relaxed all the time! Many of us are the “get things done now and perfectly” personality type. This has great

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All About That Base!

Improve your performance by strengthening your base of support.

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Collegiate Eventing Comes Of Age

College-age eventers all across the country are taking advantage of the newly created Intercollegiate Eventing Program.

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Rehab Done Right

Trainer Carol Metcalf provides strategic tips to help a reader safely and successfully recondition her horse for work after a long layup.

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10-Meter Circles Deconstructed

Circles are a geometric challenge in dressage that, when mastered and well-ridden, can set the stage for a beautiful test. If ridden well, a circle will supple the horse and prepare him for movements that may come after the circle. The diameter of

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Tackling the ‘Hunter Puissance’

Some of the nation’s top riders faced down barnyard critters,125 tons of sand and a massive wall during the 2016 USHJA International Hunter Derby Championship.

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The Facts About Head Injuries

Most riders know the importance of taking basic safety measures to prevent injury during our time in the saddle. We have been taught to wear our properly fitted helmets, carefully inspect the condition of all of our tack and vigilantly keep watch for

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Thrifty Summer Fun

Enjoy your horses this summer, while keeping an eye on your budget.

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Your Best-Ever Safety Guidelines

Credit: Photo by Alana Harrison Horseback riding can be a dangerous sport. You can make it less so by maintaining the right mindset and following key rules. To dramatically reduce your...

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Drop the Stirrups

A few simple exercises while riding without stirrups will boost your strength, stamina, effectiveness, and confidence.

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What is PATH Intl. and What Do They Offer?

The Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International (PATH Intl.) was founded in 1969 as the North American Riding for the Handicapped Association (NARHA) to promote safe and...

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Remember to Breathe

To help overcome this nervous anxiety and tension, counting steps and breathing can be a very good method. Counting helps a rider to think and ride forward in rhythm. When counting out loud, the rider needs to breathe out in a regular rhythm, and the

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Video: Pete Kyle's Freestyle Reining

Watch one of trainer Pete Kyle's favorite freestyle reining performances.

George Williams on the Counter Canter

Dressage Olympian George Williams explains the basics needed for a proper counter canter.

Day 21: Maintain Your Posture

We hear a lot of discussion about improving the topline of a horse. Riders can train for better posture by strengthening the muscles in the chain in their ?backline.'?...

Video: Peter Leone: In-and-Outs, Exercises for the Green Horse and Green Rider

Olympic silver medalist Peter Leone explains and demonstrates exercises to help both green horses and green riders master in-and-outs.

Legend DVD: Dummy Basics with Trevor Brazile and Patrick Smith

Trevor Brazile and Patrick Smith talk about the basics of roping the dummy.

Getting On a Horse with a Mounting Block and with Assistance

Getting on a horse with a mounting block and assistance from the Certified Horsemanship Association

Epic Team Roping: An Exclusive Look

Tryan, Corkill, Driggers and Smith bring you a sneak peek of their new DVD.

Video: Warm Up Your Horse for a Winning Course

Olympic show-jumper Laura Kraut shares her tried-and-true strategies for loosening up your horse before going into the show ring.

Day 9: Pelvic Rocking for Core Awareness

Use these exercises to bring focus to your core and center of balance before your weight training, aerobic work or ride. For both movements, sit on an exercise ball or...

Video: Correct Horseback Riding Position

This video from the Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA) shows correct riding position at the walk and halt, and exercises to help achieve it.

York Gill on Attitude and Learning to Win

NFR-qualifying heeler York Gill talks about sportsmanship in team roping.

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