Managing Equine Arthritis

What measures should be taken to maintain a young performance horse?

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How to Keep Weight on a Senior Horse

A reader asks: How do I keep weight on my senior horse?

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All Ears: Horse Hearing Problems

Your horse’s sense of hearing helps him to make sense of his surroundings. Learn how he hears and how to handle hearing-related problems.

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Career changes for older horses

Once put out to pasture at a certain age, horses today are far more active in their senior years and can go on to second, third or even fourth careers.

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Feeding Aging Horses FAQ

Find out the answers to five of your most common questions about feeding senior horses from Buckeye Nutrition.

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Fight Arthritis at Every Age

Arthritis typically begins to appear in middle-aged horses. However, there are steps you can take to protect your horse's joints throughout his life.

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Starting the Older Horse

Working with an older but still inexperienced horse poses special challenges but also promises unique rewards.

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Help Your Horse Age Gracefully

Horses are living longer than ever before. Learn what your equine senior citizen needs to enjoy his golden years.

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Senior Horse Hearing Check

Recognizing traces of hearing loss is essential to preserving your horses' health, and treating the condition is a way to help with everything from reducing episodes of anxiety to enhancing communication during competitions.

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Senior Horse Eyes: Vision Check

Your senior's ability to navigate with his peripheral vision--and adhere to his normal routine--can make detection of a vision problem difficult. However, if he begins spooking, tripping, having trouble negotiating different elevations, or knocking

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Build Your Horse A Run-In Shed With Good Planning

Your horse's run-in shed should be convenient and inviting. | Photos courtesy of Horse Journal You don't like being in cramped spaces and neither does your horse.Morgan sport-horse breeder Beth Benard a contributing writer to Horse Journal

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Because You Love Your Old Horse: Senior Horse Care from EQUUS and Purina

Have a special senior horse in your life? Purina® and the Equine Network have partnered to bring you an informative and educational source on caring for a senior horse. Learn how to address his needs

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Maintaining the Older Horse

The keys to a long, productive life for your older horse are good nutrition and conditioning. Charles shares how to keep your aging horse active in their later years.

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