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Riley Minor's Nickie

Riley Minor's new head horse is making the difference in his 2014 season.

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2014 PRCA World Standings

The top 20 in the PRCA World Standings, week-by-week.

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Prairie Oat Growers Association Awards Second Oat Research Grant

The Prairie Oat Growers Association (POGA) today announced its second oat research grant. Dr. Lori Warren of the University of Florida will receive more than $146,000 in funding for a two-year...

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Whiz Kids: The Best in the Junior Ranks

We asked world champs and National Finals regulars which kids are the best in their respective disciplines, and we put together a list, albeit incomplete, of the young guns you need to watch for in coming years. The list isn’t definitive—we know there’s got to be some kid swinging a rope in his backyard somewhere just working at creating an opportunity to break out and blow us all away.

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Young Guns with Walt Woodard

Why Heelers Miss Before the mechanics and the hard grind of working at team roping come into play for kids, it’s got to be fun. It’s critical that parents make sure it’s fun, because life has plenty of time to be serious. At a certain age, it becomes work. You might enjoy your days, but it’s still work. So while kids are young, the priority needs to be on the fun—with some fundamentals mixed in.

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Buckle Up with York Gill

NFR qualifier York Gill talks about his Rodeo Sante Fe buckle.

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Memorial Weekend at the Brazile/Cooper Compound

There’s a Cowboy Compound deep in the heart of Texas, where three generations of rodeo legends live the ultimate cowboy life—together. They work, play, sweat, swim, eat, laugh, cry and enjoy life as one great, big family.

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No Excuses: Clay Tryan and Jade Corkill

Clay Tryan and Jade Corkill won the Redding Rodeo this spring and have amassed some $53,112 at press time. Are they satisfied? Not even close.

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That Girl's A Winner

Watch out boys. Like many of today’s top female team ropers—balancing careers, kids and social lives—Megan Morrison, Jody Sarchett and Nikkie Gosney have at least one thing in common. They know how to win!

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Handling the Pressure with Jake Barnes

Pressure is part of every sport, and Barnes talks about how to deal with it in team roping.

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Trend Watch: Where is team roping in new shootout-style rodeos?

More and more, traditional rodeos are adding shootout performances to their lineup—often excluding team roping and tie-down roping. We ask why.

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Taking A Stand

A sixth-generation rancher, successful businessman, and avid team roper, Arizona’s Gary Kiehne throws a big punch at the Title Fights, but has his sites set on Congressional D.C.

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Managing Roping's Ups and Downs with Clay O'Brien Cooper

Making it at the highest levels of the sport

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Outlaw Comeback: Cesar de la Cruz's Johnny Ringo

Johnny Ringo’s turnaround had him unrecognizable to vets.

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Gettin' His Fix: Nick Sartain's Snort

Nick Sartain had a great early spring aboard a 10-year-old South Dakota-bred buckskin.

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