Spin To Win Rodeo

Dakota Kirchenschlager's #RoadtoNFR14

Kirchenschlager talks traveling with Turtle Powell and where he is in the World Standings.

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Riley Minor's Nickie

Riley Minor's new head horse is making the difference in his 2014 season.

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Jade Corkill's Bad Habits as a Kid

What did Corkill struggle with while learning to rope?

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Partner Update: Aaron Tsinigine and Ryan Motes

Ryan Motes on why he wanted to rope with the header from the Navajo Nation.

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Prairie Oat Growers Association Awards Second Oat Research Grant

The Prairie Oat Growers Association (POGA) today announced its second oat research grant. Dr. Lori Warren of the University of Florida will receive more than $146,000 in funding for a two-year...

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Drew Horner Talks 2014 BFI Championship

Horner talks about his win with Buddy Hawkins at the 2014 Bob Feist Invitational

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Whiz Kids: The Best in the Junior Ranks

We asked world champs and National Finals regulars which kids are the best in their respective disciplines, and we put together a list, albeit incomplete, of the young guns you need to watch for in coming years. The list isn’t definitive—we know there’s got to be some kid swinging a rope in his backyard somewhere just working at creating an opportunity to break out and blow us all away.

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Chace Thompson and Jett Hillman Dominate the 2014 Greeley Stampede

Thompson and Hillman win both rounds and the average at Greeley

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Young Guns with Walt Woodard

Why Heelers Miss Before the mechanics and the hard grind of working at team roping come into play for kids, it’s got to be fun. It’s critical that parents make sure it’s fun, because life has plenty of time to be serious. At a certain age, it becomes work. You might enjoy your days, but it’s still work. So while kids are young, the priority needs to be on the fun—with some fundamentals mixed in.

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Clay Tryan's Strategy with Partners and Horses on the #RoadtoNFR14

How Tryan makes his partnership and his horses work

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Troubleshooting on the #RoadtoNFR14 with Jade Corkill

Who does Jade Corkill call when he needs a tune up on his roping?

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New Partner Update: Charly Crawford and Shay Carroll

Charly Crawford and Shay Carroll talk about how their partnership came about.

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Patrick Smith on Facial Hair and Life on the #RoadtoNFR14

Smith talks about his "Wild Child" partner Kaleb Driggers

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Brandon Beers' Traveling Partners on #RoadtoNFR14

What life is like inside the rig with Jim Ross Cooper, Riley Minor and Brady Minor.

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Derrick Begay and Turtle Powell on the #RoadtoNFR14

Begay and Powell talk about the young gun in their rig, Will Woodfin.

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