Are Horse Joint Supplements a Waste of Money?

One of editor Cindy Foley's favorite subjects is that of horse joint supplements and she knows her topic well. If you are contemplating what to use in the way of horse joint supplements or whether to

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How to Maneuver the Horse Coat Supplement Aisle

Do you need horse supplements? If so which kind of horse supplement will help your horse look and feel his best?Editor Cindy Foley has some answers.Enjoy your horse!AmyAre horse supplements necessary

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USRider: A Horse Travel Back-up Plan in Your Back Pocket

Maybe you should think twice about moving your horse if a storm is rolling in. | Photo by Joshua PolsonThis past spring the day before one of my girlfriends was to take her horse to a new boarding facility

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A Tiny Spider Can Cause Your 1,000-Pound Horse a Lot of Pain

Is the troublesome spot on your horse a spider bite? If so ointment won't help and you should call the vet. | Photo by Joshua PolsonYour horse has a small lump that keeps getting bigger. It's apparently itchy because he scratches it all day

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Check Your Salt-Feeding Know-How

Providing salt used to mean simply tossing out a salt block. These days, however, we know a lot more about our horses' need for sodium. Here are some key do's and don'ts from equine nutritionist Juliet M. Getty, PhD.

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Oral Hyaluronic Acid Products

Learn what hyaluronic acid is, how it works, and what the benefits of today's oral HA products are for your horse.

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Feeding for Special Needs

Learn about feeding programs to help manage these five disorders in horses. From the editors of Practical Horseman magazine.

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Hold the Salt?

The loss of electrolytes (salts) from increased summer workloads may affect your horse’s performance and behaviour, therefore careful monitoring is needed.

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Omega Fatty Acids Are Health Benefits for Horses

Omega fatty acids are becoming a topic of interest for health benefits in horses, for not only skin and hooves, but mental, digestive, reproductive, pulmonary and joint health too. While there

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Horse Joint Supplements Guide

There are so many formulas and acronyms, it's no wonder you're confused. Here are the most common ingredients you'll find in joint nutraceuticals and why they're in there.

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Riding after Joint Replacement

There may be life after joint replacement surgery…but is there riding? For most horsemen and horsewomen, the answer is yes.

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Dangers of Bute in Horses

Bute is one of the most common medications administered to horses. However, horse owners should be well aware of the health risks associated with this medication.

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