Gearing Up for a Tack Sale

Tack sales are great for clearing clutter and making a few bucks. Here are some tips for a successful day of selling.

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Smart Storage for Blankets

Store blankets properly so they"ll be in good shape the next time you need them.

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Warm Choices for Winter Apparel

In freezing-cold weather, you'll need to bundle up when you go out to the barn. Here are some things to consider when selecting your winter wardrobe.

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"Blowing Up" a Girthing Myth

Horses do not hold their breath to avoid girth tightening, but it is still important to take steps to ensure your tack is secure.

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How to Fit Your Horse's Breastplate

Breastplates can keep a saddle from slipping, but only if fitted properly. Here's how check if your horse's breastplate is adjusted correctly.

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Causes of a "Cold Back" in Horses

A horse who "sinks" or acts out when mounted may be experiencing back pain. Here's how to begin investigating what the trouble might be.

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Make Sure Your Horse's Bit Fits

Saddle and bridle fit are important, but don't forget to check that your horse's bit fits him, too.

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When Horses Need Blankets

An equine expert helps a reader decide if she needs to blanket her burros and mustang during the cold winter months.

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Your blanketing questions answered

Wondering about fit, materials, construction or other horse blanket features? Here are some commonsense answers to all your blanketing questions.

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How to Evaluate Horse Bridle Fit

How to double check the fit and adjustment of your horse's bridle.

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Spotting poor saddle fit

A saddle that is too small or too big for a horse can leave behind tell-tale signs of ill-fit. Here's how to "read" what you see on your horse's back concerning saddle fit.

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Are Your Horse Blankets Ready for Winter?

With a thorough inspection in early fall, you can make sure your horse blankets are ready for the cold weather to come.

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Webinar : Complex Helmets for a Complex World

Roy Burek of Charles Owen presents a webinar on equestrian helmet design and innovation.

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