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Bit Gallery


Polish Your Horse’s Bit

Learn how to safely add high shine while protecting your horse's sensitive mouth. | MORE


A Bit About Horse Bits

When it comes to choosing a horse bit for your trail horse, keep an open mind about horse bits. | MORE


Make Sure Your Horse's Bit Fits

Use these tips to make sure your horse | MORE


Horse Chews On Bit—How To Help

A reader says her horse chews on bit. Find out several ways to fix bit chewing this from top hunter rider Liza Boyd. | MORE


The Tellington Training Bit from Linda Tellington-Jones

The Tellington Training Bit from Linda Tellington-Jones is made from stainless steel and has a softening effect on the horse's mouth. | MORE


EquiSearch’s Ask the Vet: Refuses Bit

Dr. Joyce Harman shares reasons why a horse might not take his bit and how to correct the problem in this edition of's Ask the Vet. | MORE


EquiSearch’s Ask the Vet: Tongue Over Bit

What should you do if your horse keeps getting his tongue over the bit? Dr. Joyce Harman offers bitting advice in this Ask the Vet column on | MORE


History of Bits, Evolution of the Double Bridle

Gerhard Politz shares the history behind the upper-level dressage bit configuration. | MORE


All About Bitless Bridles

Bit-free headgear is sometimes the answer for sensitive horses or tough training problems. | MORE


Measure Your Horse’s Mouth for Proper Bit Sizing

Use this handy tool to measure the width of your horse's mouth for proper bit sizing. | MORE

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