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English Tack


Become a Horse Noseband Know-It-All

Learn about horse noseband types like plain nosebands, crank nosebands, flash nosebands, drop nosebands and figure eight nosebands. | MORE


Gearing Up for Tack Sale Season

Tack sales are great for clearing clutter and making a few bucks. Here are some tips for a successful day of selling. | MORE


Horse-Training Equipment: Is it Art or Violence?

Tips from the FEI rule book on why coercive training equipment doesn’t work. | MORE


English Bridles 101

Here's everything you need to know about this critical piece of tack to evaluate quality, fit and comfort—and to keep your purchase in top shape for years of use. | MORE


Video: Different Options for Your Horse’s Bridle

In this video, Debbie Witty explains how different parts of a bridle can affect your horse's performance and demonstrates options to make him more comfortable in his horse bridle. | MORE


Practical Horseman’s 2012 Tack & Apparel Guide

The latest styles, technology and fabrics in bridles, protective galloping boots, show coats, show shirts and gloves. | MORE


Fit a Hunter Bridle

Follow this easy five-step guide to make sure your hunter horse's bridle fits perfectly. | MORE


How to Figure 8 a Bridle

Learn this simple technique to keep your bridle tidy and your tack room looking polished. | MORE


A Safe, Successful Eventing Season Starts in the Barn

You don’t need to be riding to improve your chances of success in the coming season, Jim explains. | MORE


Video: Saddle Fit Tip: Saddle Tree Width

For a proper saddle fit, the saddle tree width should be wide enough for the saddle to fit when the horse is in movement. Brought to you by Schleese. | MORE

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