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Gearing Up for Tack Sale Season

Tack sales are great for clearing clutter and making a few bucks. Here are some tips for a successful day of selling. | MORE


Here’s How: How do I ­prevent ­blanket rubs?

Professional groom Liv Gude answers a reader's question on horse blanket fit and preventing rubs. | MORE


Buyer’s Guide: Protective Horse Boots

Learn about the different types of protective horse boots and what to look for when buying. | MORE


How do I ­select and use a cooler for my horse?

A professional groom discusses how to properly choose and use a horse cooler to dry your horse and keep him warm. | MORE


When Horses Need Blankets

An equine expert helps a reader decide if she needs to blanket her burros and mustang during the cold winter months. | MORE


Time For a New Halter?

Be on the lookout for these four signs that your horse's halter is ready to be retired. | MORE


Horse Blanketing Questions and Answers

Here are some commonsense answers to all your horse blanketing questions. | MORE


The Ups and Downs of Tall Zippered Boots

Shopping for stock tall boots shouldn't be a pain | MORE


Ariat’s Cavalry Breech Tops For Schooling

Traditional twill looks good and lasts, but the performance fabrics offer a lot of comfort. | MORE


Horse Blanket Know-How

Demystify the blanket-buying process with our tested tips and guide to horse blanket lingo. | MORE

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