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Western Tack


Safety Know-How Test

Test your safety know-how with this true/false quiz from clinician and educator Clinton Anderson. | MORE


Riding Gear

We couldn't fit every saddle and pad category into a single issue of Horse&Rider magazine, so here are two more classes of saddles and three categories of saddle pads to add to your list to consider. | MORE


Saddle Rigging

Get more out of your saddle by understanding rigging options. | MORE


Ireland Inspires Tweed Country Collection

Have a question about equestrian fashion? The experts at Dover Saddlery and Smith Brothers can help. | MORE


Control Thick Hair Under Your Western Hat

Use this tip to control thick hair before you put on your Western hat. | MORE


Western Show Clothes on a Budget: The Details

Here are detailed ways to improve your basic turnout without spending a small fortune on Western show clothes. By Suzanne Vliestra for Horse & Rider magazine. | MORE


Western Saddle Buyer’s Primer

Ready to shop for a Western saddle? Here's a primer on how Western saddles differ by event discipline, plus a list of shopper resources and a handy seat-sizing chart. | MORE


Signs of Poor Saddle Fit

In the April 2010 issue of EQUUS magazine, Dr. Deb Bennett discusses back shape and saddle fit. Here are unmistakable signs of a mismatch. | MORE


2010 Denver Market Product Parade

Get a sneak peek at the latest products in the horse industry in these videos from the 2010 Denver Market trade show. | MORE


EquiSearch’s Ask the Vet: Fitting Shared Saddles

If several of your horses share saddles, find out how to organize the saddles and use pads and shims to ensure the best fit for each horse in this edition of's Ask the Vet. | MORE

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