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Western Tack


Trail Saddle Shopping Tips

Here are some helpful hints on how to determine leather quality and saddle fit on a new or used trail saddle. | MORE


Smart Headgear – Riding Helmets

Four tips to help you ensure that your riding helmet fits correctly. | MORE


Stop Saddle Squeak

Does your saddle squeak? Saddle manufacturer Dan Woods offers two quick fixes for noisy saddles. | MORE


Does Loving Horse Tack Make You Tacky? columnist Suzanne Drnec defines "tacky" as it applies to horse lovers. | MORE


Choosing Women’s Showmanship Pants

Your showmanship pants can add to--or subtract from--your overall image. Here's how to select wisely. | MORE


How to Measure Cinch Size

Appaloosa trainer and breeder Jackie Lee Jackson show you how to measure to ensure a proper saddle cinch fit. | MORE


How to Clean Your Curb Bit

Polish to your heart's content on the shanks but leave that bit alone say these custom bitmakers. Here are good ways to clean your curb bit. | MORE


Western Horse Show Fashion Clinic 12: Boot Fit, Style

Columnist Suzi Drnec looks at the fit and style issues you'll need to know before buying western show boots. | MORE


Western Horse Show Fashion Clinic 11: Boots

Follow columnist Suzi Drnec as she explains, "Show boots really don't 'show' in the arena, so choose comfort over flash in choosing boots for your Western show wardrobe." | MORE


Western Horse Show Fashion Clinic 10: Chap Details

Fit, fabric and trim can make your western horse show chaps uniquely yours. | MORE

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