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His & Hers Riding Jeans

Wrangler description: Wrangler’s 47MAC Premium Performance Advanced Comfort Cowboy Cut® Jeans for Men’s 14-ounce denim fabric consists of 70 percent cotton, 28 percent polyester, and...

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New York’s Enchanting Trails

You’ll find special places to ride in New York’s southwestern corner, where the state meets Pennsylvania, Ohio, the northern reaches of the Appalachian Mountains, and the waters of Lake...

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Endurance Riding 101

Sharpen your trail skills with this series from endurance champion Lari Shea, owner of California’s Ricochet Ridge Ranch. This issue: Eight-step guide to competitive endurance riding.

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Saddle Sore No More

As we get older, time in the saddle can bring on aches and pains. Here’s one horseman’s advice on how to minimize discomfort and enjoy your rides.

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Some Like It Hot

You’re not a true desert dweller if you don’t like Arizona’s summer heat. In fact, you better like it warm even if you’re just visiting Arizona in the winter. In February, it...

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Hot Days, Cool Rides

Here in the Southwest, I worry about my horse in the summer. I trail ride early, but I don’t always make it back before the day really heats up. How can I keep my horse cool? What are the signs...

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Power Ions

In summer’s heat, your horse might need an electrolyte supplement. Here’s what you need to know.

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After-Ride Care

After each ride, follow this vet-tested, 11-step technique to help keep your horse healthy and sound.

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Senior Horse Care Tips

Use these expert diet and exercise tips to help your aging horse thrive.

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Neck-Flex Exercise

Teach your horse to flex his neck and head on the ground, and he’ll be lighter and more supple under saddle.

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10 Saddle-Fit Tips

Use these expert tips to help keep your horse sound and saddle-sore free — and to enhance your own comfort — on all of your riding adventures.

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4-Point Tack Check

World champion Quarter Horse trainer Lynn Palm gives you her four-point trail-tack check to optimize your and your horse’s safety and comfort.

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5 Top Camping-Prep Tips

Use these expert tips to prepare for a horse-camping adventure, whether you’re planning to camp at the trailhead or in the

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5 Horse-Care Tips

“On days when I want a break from riding, I perform ground work, schooling my horses through their gaits, across tarps, and over low jumps,” says Drown. Here, Natalie, Drown’s...

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Top Trail Saddles

A roundup of top saddles built for the trail that feature the finest in fit, use, durability, and comfort.

May 22, 2014

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