The Trail Rider

Five-Star Horse Campgrounds

You’re ready to choose your horse-camping destination. You need to know the campground’s trail accessibility, the horse/human amenities, and whether it’s clean, quiet, and well-maintained.

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Saddle Up!

Hit the trails with the American Paint Horse Association on the Triple R Ranch Ride in Kentucky and the Fort Robinson Trail Ride in Nebraska.

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Day Ride Guide! Merry May Trails

Bellvue, Colorado  Closest city: Denver, Colorado. Travel distance: 74 miles. Driving directions: Take Interstate 25 north toward Fort Collins. Take Exit 269B to merge onto Colorado State...

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Road Apples

You know that dismounting, picking up scattered road apples, packing them up, and remounting on the trail can prove to be a challenging, if not downright dangerous, feat.  But making this effort...

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Group-Riding Guidelines

Long, exploring trail ride with friends ranks as one of life’s most satisfying experiences. “Riding with a group of friends is as good as it gets,” notes accomplished endurance rider Lari Shea, who owns and operates Ricochet Ridge Ranch in Fort Bragg, California. “You’re trail riding for the joy of it.

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Improve Your Camping Skills

I’d love to camp with my horse, but it feels like a scary step to take. I’ve taken my horse on daylong trail rides, but I haven’t stayed overnight. What do I need to know as a...

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Hoof-Boot Help

If you’re considering pulling your horse’s shoes and switching to hoof boots, know that there are several critical steps to take as you make the transition.  Before you invest in...

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Mountains of Mystery

Arizona’s Superstition Mountains are steeped in lore, intrigue, and mystery. Here’s our from-the-saddle report.

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In the Hoofprints of History

A trail ride becomes more exciting when it’s a ride through history, as well as scenery. A defining time our nation’s history was the American Civil War, also called the War Between the...

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Your Horse’s Coggins Test

When you take your horse on the road, a negative Coggins test for equine infectious anemia is especially important — and often required. Here’s what you need to know about this killer disease.

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5 Horse-Containment Options

Keep your equine Houdini safely in camp with these handy containment options.

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Ride Bridleless with Lynn Palm

Teach your horse to be more responsive on the trail with a bridleless-riding video tutorial from world champion Lynn Palm.

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Land of Enchantment

I grew up in Tucson, Arizona. But, I’m sorry to say, I’ve never spent time in neighboring New Mexico.  So, when my good friend and riding buddy, Mary McDuffie, and I started planning...

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Blue Ridge Getaway

My first visit to Fort Valley Ranch in Fort Valley, Virginia, was with three “Parelli” friends. We’d met at various Parelli Natural Horsemanship clinics (www.parelli. com) in...

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Prep for a Pack Trip

Our expert horse-packers give you their top recommendations for packsaddles, horse-containment methods, camping gear, kitchen items, food, and personal items. Bonus resource guide!

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