Banish the Buck

Does your horse balk and buck when he doesn’t want to work? Fix this vice with top trainer/clinician Julie Goodnight’s expert advice.

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Hindquarters Control

Stage One: Learn how to control your horse’s hindquarters, and you’ll end any disrespectful behavior. Top clinician Clinton Anderson shows you how.

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Helicopter Exercise

Teach your horse to accept movement and noise above him with this exercise from top clinician Clinton Anderson.

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Be Water Wise

Don't leave home without considering your horse's water needs. Here's what to plan for, plus hauling, watering, and use tips.

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Trail Riding Obstacles You Should Master

Several decades ago, I rode many hundreds of miles across the Colorado wilderness on a two-month horse-packing trip. My mount was a young, green-broke horse that had to learn the ropes as we went. We...

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Trail Riding Safety Tips

It is no surprise to riders that one of the greatest causes of emergency room visits is related to equestrian activities. Horses are volatile and unpredictable at times, and accidents can happen in a...

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'Buddy' Problems on the Trail

Does your horse display "buddy behavior" on the trail? Does he get anxious and misbehave if you ask him to move beyond or away from one or more of his equine friends? This is a common...

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Out-of-Control Trail Horse

What to do on the trail when your horse just won’t settle down—and even tries to bolt.

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29 Essential Trailer Tips

Trail riding, by its very nature, means you’re on the go. You regularly hit local trails, but now you’re ready for a trailer of your own for the freedom to travel to scenic trails near and...

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Equine Traveling Papers

Here’s a rundown of key documents you need when you travel with your horse. When you travel with your horse, you need to carry a number of documents, especially if you're crossing state lines. Some documents show your horse is healthy. Some will help

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'Buddy' Problems on the Trail

A horse displaying 'buddy' behavior just wants to be with his pals. I'll show you how to teach him that being apart from his friends can be desirable, too—sometimes...

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USRider Urges Wildfire Preparedness

With massive wildfires scorching through hundreds of thousands of acres in the western U.S., USRider – national provider of roadside emergency assistance for horse owners – urges equestrians and others to take precautions.

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Charles Wilhelm shows how to start your horse on crossing objects

Charles Wilhelm shows how to start your horse on crossing objects, using a blue tarp.

Cure 'Buddy Behavior' on the Trail

Clinton Anderson shows you how to fix your trail horse’s herd-bound antics.

'Bombproof' the Mounted Patrol Way

Desensitize your trail horse with techniques used by the Jackson Hole Police Citizens Mounted Unit.

Preparing for Trail Obstacles

Charles demonstrates some exercises you can practice at home to prepare for trail obstacles - including navigating hills and crossing bridges.

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