Basic Equestrian Trail Riding Etiquette

Minnesota has an active equine industry with an estimated 90,140 horses and 13,048 farms, ranking Minnesota 13th in the nation with a $1-billion impact on the state...

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Trail Riding in State Parks

State parks offer scenic riding trails and horse-friendly campgrounds. Here, we take you to gems in the mountains of Montana and Idaho.

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Product Review: SoulShine Horse Ware

Colorful line adds spice while giving back to a good cause.

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A Buyer's Guide To Trail Saddles

In many ways, shopping for a trail saddle is the same as choosing one for any other sport or activity. The quality of the materials, construction and design lead the list of initial considerations,...

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25 Cozy Bed & Barns

Here’s the scoop on 25 cozy bed & barns, where you can vacation in style with your own horse, from coast-to-coast.

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Choosing a Trail Horse in 7 Steps

If you aren’t gifted with the Midas touch when it comes to horse shopping, Pat Parelli offers tips to ensure that your next purchase fits the bill.

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Banish the Buck

Does your horse balk and buck when he doesn’t want to work? Fix this vice with top trainer/clinician Julie Goodnight’s expert advice.

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Hindquarters Control

Stage One: Learn how to control your horse’s hindquarters, and you’ll end any disrespectful behavior. Top clinician Clinton Anderson shows you how.

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Helicopter Exercise

Teach your horse to accept movement and noise above him with this exercise from top clinician Clinton Anderson.

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5 Top Camping-Prep Tips

Use these expert tips to prepare for a horse-camping adventure, whether you’re planning to camp at the trailhead or in the

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Be Water Wise

Don't leave home without considering your horse's water needs. Here's what to plan for, plus hauling, watering, and use tips.

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Trail Riding Obstacles You Should Master

Several decades ago, I rode many hundreds of miles across the Colorado wilderness on a two-month horse-packing trip. My mount was a young, green-broke horse that had to learn the ropes as we went. We...

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Cure 'Buddy Behavior' on the Trail

Clinton Anderson shows you how to fix your trail horse’s herd-bound antics.

Charles Wilhelm shows how to start your horse on crossing objects

Charles Wilhelm shows how to start your horse on crossing objects, using a blue tarp.

Trail Riding in Great National Parks

Darley Newman of Equitrekking rides with Doug Smith, owner of Pony Express Tours, in the Haleakala Crater in Maui's Haleakala National Park | Photo by Chip...

Solving Trail Problems - The Barn Sour Horse

Leaving the barn can be a sticking point for some horses. With patience and persistence, Charles demonstrates how to work through a horse's resistance by closing escape...

'Bombproof' the Mounted Patrol Way

Desensitize your trail horse with techniques used by the Jackson Hole Police Citizens Mounted Unit.

Preparing for Trail Obstacles

Charles demonstrates some exercises you can practice at home to prepare for trail obstacles - including navigating hills and crossing bridges.

Obstacles Along the Way: Puddles

Watch this video for advice from clinician Clinton Anderson on how-to handle obstacles along the trail.

How to Pony Your Horse

Not ready to jump in the saddle just yet? Teaching your horse to pony is a great skill you can use to expose him to different environments.

Online Trail Riding Planning Guide

Here's how to use the Internet to plan your perfect riding vacation

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