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How Fast Can Your Horse Walk?

Ever get back from a long ride and wonder how far you've gone? Here's how to figure it out.

Use your car's odometer to measure out 1 mile of trail near the road. Walk your horse this mile at his normal pace, timing how long he takes to cover the distance. Use the chart below to calculate how fast he typically walks per hour. Time your next trail ride. Now you can see how far you've gone based on how fast your horse walks.

Minutes to
go 1 mile
Miles covered
per hour
30 2 mph
20 3 mph
17 3 1/2 mph
15 4 mph
13 4 1/2 mph
12 5 mph
11 5 1/2 mph
10 6 mph
9 6 1/2 mph
8 1/2 7 mph
8 7 1/2 mph
7 1/2 8 mph

Source: American Morgan Horse Association News & Morgan Sales Network.

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