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Echo Valley Ranch & Spa

Head to British Columbia for a luxurious, 160-acre working cattle ranch geared to experienced riders.

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We know you love to trail ride on your own beloved trail mount. But for a change of pace, consider a vacation where an attentive staff takes you riding all day, then pampers you at night. Echo Valley Ranch & Spa caters to all your needs, plus offers a wide range of activities for you and/or your traveling companions.

Location: In the mountains near Jesmond, British Columbia.

Overview: This 160-acre working cattle ranch is surrounded by desert canyons, glaciers, rugged mountain and lush, green valleys. The area has a rich Native American and gold-rush heritage, as well as four distinct geographic regions.

What sets it apart: The ranch is set amid four distinctly different geographic regions known as biomes, enabling guests to experience very diverse terrain from forested mountains, open grasslands and

a canyon with sagebrush and cactus.

Your hosts: Norm and Nan Dove, owners

The horses: A variety of breeds, including Quarter Horses and Tennessee Walking Horses. You can also bring your own horse, but make sure you have all your papers in order if you'll be traveling across the border, both into Canada and back to the United States.

The trails/scenery: Trail terrain is very diverse, ranging from open grassland to desert canyon, mountains, and forests.


Accommodations: A range of accommodations from standard to premium rooms (some with lofts), deluxe cabins (some with lofts and one two bedroom cabin); and the luxurious Baan Thai Suite.

Season: April 1 to November 1, and over the Christmas and New Year's period.

Contact: Echo Valley Ranch & Spa, P.O. Box 916, Clinton, Jesmond, B.C. V0K 1K0
Canada; (800) 253-8831 or (604) 988-3230.

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