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Travelwise: 21 Ways to Save

Save money on your next trail-riding adventure with these creative tips. Plus: How to make some extra travel money. | MORE


Protect Yourself from Horse Kicks

Even the most easygoing horse can send out an unexpected kick. Follow these precautions to keep safe around horses. | MORE


Break Your Horse’s Trail-Snacking Habits

A horse who eats on the trail isn't paying attention to his rider. Here's how to redirect his focus. | MORE


Be Water-Wise on Your Next Horse-Camping Trip

Don’t leave home without considering your horse’s water needs. Here’s what to plan for, plus hauling, watering, and use tips. | MORE


Tips for Crossing Water Safely While Riding

Wading into unfamiliar waters on the trail can be dangerous. Follow these tips for safely crossing streams, rivers and other types of water while riding. | MORE


Water-Crossing: How to Prevent Dizziness

Dan Aadland explains how to cross fast-moving streams with care | MORE


Westfall Horsemanship: Trail-Safety Tips

Stay safe while trail riding with tips and exercises from world champion horse trainer and top clinician Stacy Westfall. | MORE


Ask Julie Goodnight: Your New Trail Horse

Horse trainer/clinician Julie Goodnight answers a reader’s question about trail riding on a new horse and how to stay calm on the trail. | MORE


Handle On-Trail Encounters

Keep your horse under control when encountering scary trail gremlins with California trainer Robyn Spector. | MORE


How to Speed Up Your Horse’s Shedding

With the dreaded horse shedding season upon us, use these tactics to help him lose his winter coat quicker. | MORE

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