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Horse Trailer High-Tie: The Tilt-Tie

Looking for a new horse trailer high-tie? The Tilt-Tie allows him to comfortably lie down, walk, eat, and stay tied to the  Tilt-Tie overnight.

The Tilt-Tie, a horse trailer high-tie, is an easy-to-use, fold-away horse trailer high-tie. Its adjustable spring tension lets you to choose a setting that's best for your horse, allowing him to comfortably lie down, walk, eat, and stay tied to the  Tilt-Tie overnight.

The Tilt-Tie's stainless-steel construction requires little to no upkeep. The hitch's base and arm are designed not to rattle as your horse moves while tied to the horse trailer high-tie. The post ends are fitted with rubber grommets for safety.

The quick-release attachments will help prevent your horse from becoming trapped. The attachment ring, designed to prevent your horse from tangling himself, is removable for transit. An optional aluminum base allows you to mount and remount the tie in different locations.

The test: Chris Cowherd, a riding instructor and the owner of Ouray Stables in Salida, Colorado, attached the Tilt-Tie to her stock trailer.

"My neighbor, who's mechanically inclined, installed the Tilt-Tie in no time," Cowherd says. (Note: Those who aren't mechanically inclined may need to pay for professional installation.) "Once it was installed, the tie was easy to use, and seemed strong and solid. I had no qualms about testing it with a horse that can be a challenge to tie."

Cowherd tested the tie with a horse known for panicking and pulling back when tied. She hoped the freedom of the Tilt-Tie would help him feel less confined and calm his nerves, which would allow her to take him on trail-riding trips.


"The horse was a little concerned at first and looked around, but when he realized he could walk and wasn't tied tight, he settled down," Cowherd reports. "I attached him to the tie with a lead rope, but the Tilt-Tie also came with an adjustable leather lead for overnight tying.

"From a safety perspective, I think the Tilt-Tie makes a lot of sense for horses that might worry about being tied to the trailer or that you just want to keep comfortable overnight," she continues. "If a horse's flight instinct kicks in, the tie allows for so much movement that he won't panic. Plus, I don't have to worry whether or not I've tied a high line correctly or if my horse has gotten loose.

"The Tilt-Tie also allows your horse the freedom to safely eat — with supervision — with his head down to the ground," she notes. "That's a more natural eating position than eating from a hay bag or net. Overall, I think the Tilt-Tie is a great tool for horse camping and for working with horses that are worried about being tied."

Cost: $279. Contact: Tilt-Tie, LLC, (301) 791-1469;

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