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Cross-Train Your Show-Pen Horse on the Trail

You'll make any horse--yes, even your best show-pen prospect or partner--a better horse by riding him out in the open as well as in an arena. Saddle up with some key whys and hows for going about it. | MORE


The Scoop on Horse Sweat

Learn what's normal, what's not and how to keep your horse hydrated and healthy when the weather turns hot. | MORE


7 Winter Trail Riding Hazards

  Winter trail riding can be fun if you're prepared. Of course, you try to avoid the trail riding hazards that might get you and your horse into | MORE


Loss of Land for Horse-Related Activities

Deb Balliet, CEO of Equestrian Land Conservation Resource, outlines her organization's programs and how to get involved in conserving land for horse-related activities. | MORE


New Online Course Helps You Hit the Trail

My Horse University and the Equine Network will offer an online trail riding course. Plus, sign up for a free webcast October 21! | MORE


Group-Ride Guidelines

Q: My 14-year-old Quarter Horse gelding performs well on trail rides when we ride with up to eight others. He's also fine with our Paint Horse when we | MORE


Hunting-Season Safety Guide

Fall trail riding can involve crisp weather and beautiful foliage, but safety must come first. Follow these hunting season guidelines to stay safe on the trail this fall. | MORE


Ride Right!

You bought a gaited horse for a smooth ride down the trail. Now, you can just sit back and enjoy, right? Wrong! You still need to pay attention | MORE


Craig Cameron’s Top Trail Tips

Cowboys are known for many things; practicality and common sense are at the top of the list. Thanks to a lifetime of ranching and rodeoing and conducting clinics | MORE


Quieting a Jigging Trail Horse

Julie Goodnight helps a Horse & Rider reader calm her jigging trail horse. | MORE

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