The Top 5 Things To Do To Your Horse Trailer Before Winter

Doing some fall maintenance on your horse trailer can be one of the most cost-effective things a horse owner can do. "Many people have the misconception that with aluminum horse trailers there is no...

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Stolen Horse Trailer Tips

While at a horse show this summer, I went to retrieve my horse trailer in the parking lot, only to realize that it was not there. It was, quite simply, gone. I know it would be much more exciting...

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The Pros and Cons of Straight Load vs Slant Load Trailers

Straight load vs Slant load trailers. The debate continues. However, the one factor that everyone will agree on is that horse safety comes first. It is a given that when a horse enters a close, dark...

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Long-Haul Travel Risks

A new study suggests that shipping with professional drivers for long-distance travel can help reduce the chances of your horse getting sick or injured.

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Fall Tip: Remove Liquid from the Trailer

When your weather turns colder, remember to remove liquids from your trailer to prevent freezing and possible messes from exploding containers.

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Make Over Your Bad Hauler

Here’s how to improve your hauling habits to get rid of your horse’s trailer troubles once and for all.

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Trailer Tricks

Here’s how to maximize your base of operations when your parked trailer has to do it all.

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Finding the Right Trailer for your Horse

You’re committed. You took the plunge. You have bought your first show horse and are now ready to reach your goals together. The trailer you currently have suited your other horse just fine, but...

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Keeping Horses Comfortable During Winter Travel

Winter travel for horse owners creates a fear of trailering due to the lack of confidence as to whether or not our horse is comfortable. While we have the amenity of a heated vehicle and some of us...

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Trailer Safety and Travel First Aid Checklist

Before you hit the road, follow our checklist to make sure your trailer is road-worthy and properly equipped for a minor emergency.

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29 Essential Trailer Tips

Trail riding, by its very nature, means you’re on the go. You regularly hit local trails, but now you’re ready for a trailer of your own for the freedom to travel to scenic trails near and...

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Trailer Spruce-Up Tips

Here are five cheap-and-easy ideas to spruce up your horse trailer to keep it in working condition, make it comfortable for your horse, and retain its resale value.

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Jordan Larson on Summer Travel With Horses

Jordan Larson shared his tips on how he keeps his horses healthy when they're on the road during the summer.

Charles Wilhelm - Trailer Loading Part 2

Successful trailer loading depends on correct timing of pressure and release.

Charles Wilhelm - Trailer Loading Part 1

Teaching your horse to load in the trailer doesn't start at the back of a trailer. Charles demonstrates how to first establish a forward cue and gain control of the...

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