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Dealing with a "Lippy" Horse

A natural horsemanship trainer explains how to manage a mouthy horse. | MORE


Protect Your Horse After He Sells

What happens to a horse when no one wants him anymore? Abandonment? Starvation? Slaughter? Find out how you can protect the ones you love. | MORE


The Greatest Western Moustaches

American Cowboy's list of the greatest cowboy moustaches that made the West. | MORE


Where the West begins

Hardy ranchers and cowboys settled the sloping hills and grasslands of South Dakota, and their families have endured. Writer Everett Potter follows in their footsteps. | MORE


The Greatest: True Accounts of the Old West

For insight into authentic cowboy culture, these five reads offer true accounts of the Old West. They're musts for the cowboy library. | MORE


Cowboy Up: Throw a tomahawk

Despite the way many old Westerns dramatize it, throwing a tomahawk in combat is not a recommended tactic. (Always hold on to your weapon!) Nonetheless, throwing competitions have long been popular. Champion tomahawk-throwing expert and instructor Cliff “Awol” Hill shows how it’s done. | MORE


Do Unto Others

The spirit of giving back and helping the community has always been integral to Western culture, And the slew of Western-oriented charities is evidence. Here’s a look at four prominent organizations that work to spread goodwill and good ol’ American values. | MORE


Halpin Maintains Lead After Cross Country at Burghley Horse Trials

<div> </div> <div>September 1, 2012 -- On a day when quick clear rounds were at a premium, Sinead Halpin (Oldwick, N.J.) proved that she is amongst the best | MORE


Coprophagy in Horses: Gross, but not Abnormal

A young horse may eat feces for a variety of reasons, none of which are cause for alarm. | MORE


Controlling Contagious Equine Diseases

When an EHV-1 outbreak or other contagious equine disease strikes a community, here's how to respond to the crisis and reduce the risk to your horse. | MORE

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