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Horse Care

Equine Vital Signs and How to Take Them

This video will explain equine vital signs, how to take them... Watch Now »

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Building Your Perfect Structure with Lester Buildings

At Lester Buildings, we believe that to build the perfect... Watch Now »

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How To Perform a Tack Safety Check of a Horse

Safety first! Learn how to perform a safety check of tack... Watch Now »

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Lexol Leather Care Products

Lexol is the most trusted name in leather care. The Lexol... Watch Now »

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Trail Riding

On the Trail with Charles Wilhelm

On the Trail with Charles Wilhelm - helping you solve common... Watch Now »

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#NoWorriesVegas14: Clinton Anderson Before the Event

Clinton Anderson talks about this year's tour, what he hopes... Watch Now »

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Charles Wilhelm - Trailer Loading Part 1

Teaching your horse to load in the trailer doesn't start at... Watch Now »

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Recent Videos

Saddle Fitting Tip: Where Exactly Should My Saddle Sit?

There are a lot of opinions out there where exactly a saddle should sit correctly, and it may depend somewhat on the discipline you are riding in, the fact remains that the saddle should stay...

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Ritchie Automatic Horse Waterers

Having fresh, clean water accessible to your horses at all times is important to their health and well-being. Learn more about Ritchie automatic horse waterers in this video.

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Saddle Fitting Tip: Is Riding a Pain in the Back?

We know many riders who suffer with back issues – backaches, stiffness, even slipped discs! The first thing to look at is their saddle, because many of these symptoms – especially tight lower back muscles – come from the rider subconsciously protecting herself from the effects of a poorly fitting saddle.

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Saddle Fitting Tip: Is My Saddle Adjustable? Take a look at the Saddle Tree

Is your saddle adjustable? Take a look at the saddle tree! Jochen explains important details for your horse!

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Overball Rotation Exercises for Riders

These exercises from Rebecca Ashton work on your rotation to help with turns, corners and lateral work on your horse.

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Saddle Fitting Tip: Does My Custom Made Saddle Need to be Adjusted?

Does your 'Custom' Made Saddle require adjustments to your horse? Watch Jochen Schleese's latest video excerpt discussing why this is a must over a horse's career.

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How To Pick a Horse's Hoof

A how-to video from the Certified Horsemanship Association showing the basic steps for picking out, or cleaning, a horse's hoof.

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