Lightweight Trail Saddles for Your Horse

Ready to go saddle shopping? Note that the saddles are organized by price range: less than $1,000; $1,000-$1,499; $1,500-$1,699; $1,700-$1,999; and $2,000-$2,500. (All prices are suggested retail and

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Rescue and Restore Rain-Damaged Tack

Water, particularly rain water and its pollutants, is no friend to leather. Here's how to take care of your tack after you've been caught out in the storm.

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A Bit and Spur Maker Talks About the Cowboy Tradition

After reading Jim Dunn's thoughts about the cowboy art of making bits and spurs I asked him to share it with you too.Snake Spurs by Jim Dunn. | Photo courtesy of Jim DunnRennaisanceBy Jim DunnI’ve

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Ireland Inspires Tweed Country Collection

Have a question about equestrian fashion? The experts at Dover Saddlery and Smith Brothers can help. From the editors of Everything For Horse & Rider magazine.

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Western Show Clothes on a Budget: The Details

Here are detailed ways to improve your basic turnout without spending a small fortune on Western show clothes. By Suzanne Vliestra for Horse & Rider magazine.

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2010 Denver Market Product Parade

Get a sneak peek at the latest products in the horse industry in these videos from the 2010 Denver Market trade show.

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2010 Western Show Fashions Slideshow

Attention show-fashion junkies! Horse & Rider offers you a sneak peek at the Western show scene's latest fashions.

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Belt Buckle Bling

Master artisan Pam Ward of Houston, Texas, custom makes these one-of-a-kind, jewel-spangled belt buckles for the Western chic. From the editors of Horse & Rider magazine.

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Test Ride That Western Saddle

Use this step-by-step strategy to help you assess a prospective saddle's fit while mounted. A Horse & Rider exclusive adaptation from Dr. Joyce Harman's book on Western saddle fitting.

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High Tech Saddle Pads

Learn about the benefits of high tech materials, such as closed cell foam, memory foam and gel, and how they work, to help you select the right saddle pad for your horse. By Elaine Pascoe for Horse & Rider magazine.

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Resources for Showing On A Shoestring

Big show aspirations? Not so big a budget? Learn how to show savvy with these articles from Horse & Rider magazine.

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Bargains Galore - Online Bargain Hunting for Horse Gear

With a little online research you can find gear--from horse boots to headstalls--at below retail prices. Bookmark these saver-savvy Web sites, and let your keyboard do the driving. by April Fingerlos for Horse & Rider magazine.

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Product Review: SoulShine Horse Ware

All the fabric that you see are hand crafted from Central America. The purchase of these items helps many families in these third world countries to be able to hand down...

SMx Air Ride Saddle Pad

In this video from Professional's Choice, learn about the benefits of SMx Air Ride Pads and how to correctly fit them under your saddle.

How to tie a Clinician Halter

The Professional's Choice team shows you the benefits of using a clinician halter in groundwork training and how to correctly tie the halter to maximaize effectiveness.

How to put a Western Saddle on a Horse

Produced by the Certified Horsemanship Assocation, this short video will show you how to put a western saddle on a horse. It covers everything you need to know from how...

How To Perform a Tack Safety Check of a Horse

Produced by the Certified Horsemanship Association, in this short video you'll learn what parts of the saddle and bridle to check for wear and tear as well as how to...

How to: Attach the Breastcollar and Back Cinch

Watch the video for important breastcollar and back-cinch attachment and fitting tips from the Certified Horsemanship Association, as explained by Brent Morgan, CHA...

How to size and use a VenTECH Cinch

In this video from Professional's Choice, learn to correctly size and use a VenTECH Cinch. In addition, discover the benefits of the breathable lining that removes for...

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