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February 2014

  • Wisdom from William Fox-Pitt
  • WEG 2014: Your Guide to Normandy
  • Exploring Equine Health Insurance
  • Standing Wrap How-To
  • Perfect Your Crest Release in 5 Minutes

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Elizabeth Iliff


Low-Stress Foal Weaning

Build your foal's confidence to ease separation from mom during foal weaning. | MORE


7 Balimo Exercises To Improve Your Balance In The Saddle

Improve your effectiveness in the saddle with these exercises from top sports physiologist Eckart Meyners. | MORE


Understand Equine Insurance

The better you understand the ins and outs of equine insurance, the better you can protect your horse—and yourself. | MORE


Safety Around Horses During Turnout and Mounting

Safety around horses is an important issue. The most potentially dangerous times are when turning horses out, and when mounting. Here's how to avoid accidents. | MORE


How Electric Fences Work

Once snubbed in equestrian circles, electric fences now come in forms well suited for horse properties. Here's a look at how they work. | MORE

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