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Jeremy Law


Married with Horses: Yellow Haze

Just as the farm was once covered in snow, Jeremy and Kimberly learn to deal with the challenges brought on by spring's yellow pollen. | MORE


Married with Horses: Kids These Days

When Kimberly leaves her iPhone in the barn, Jeremy imagines what might happen if the animals got their hooves and paws on it for a little Internet surfing and texting. | MORE


Married with Horses: Blanket Statement

Jeremy discovers the hardships of spring blanketing, as demonstrated by his horses' expert destruction, disassembly and complete removal skills. | MORE


Married with Horses: A Country Soundtrack

Home from work, Jeremy unwinds as he listens to the soundtrack of the country--a mixture of farm life and animals. | MORE


Married with Horses: The Write Way

Finding himself faced with writer's block, a horsewoman's husband lends an ear to his animals for their bright column ideas. | MORE


Married with Horses: Ponies on Ice

Justin attempts to ice skate in the pasture while his fans struggle to stay warm in the frigid weather. | MORE


Married with Horses: Dog Food and Departures

The Married with Horses family sends the mare Ellie off to a new home, while the cats enjoy the dogs' food a little too much. | MORE


Married with Horses: On Being Special

A horsewoman's husband assures his colt that only special horses get gelded. | MORE


Married with Horses: Little Big Man

After a stray kick, Jeremy shows his colt Justin that horse blankets don't bite. | MORE


Married with Horses: The Right Horse

A horsewoman and her husband test drive new horses in their search for the right hunter-jumper. | MORE

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