Good-Bye, Molokai

Dorothy Trapp Crowell's great event horse passes away at 30.

Horses like Molokai come along once in a lifetime. A failed racehorse, who got his name from his sire (the great racing sire Hawaii), Molokai amazed us with his incredible scope and outstanding career.

In 1998, the pair won the Rolex Kentucky CCI, a fitting final feat prior to his well-earned retirement. You may also remember that Crowell and Molokai were honored by Wheaties as a box-cover athlete.

Molokai was named a Thoroughbred Legend (on EventingNation, presented by Cosequin). In the interview, Crowell said, "Because of Mo and because of what he did for me, I was able to turn my love of eventing into a business that has been able to build my dream farm. Every day when I am appreciating the indoor arena or the lovely house I get to live in, it’s definitely with thanks to Mo. It’s Mo that started me down this path, and it’s been a lovely path to live on. He deserves to be treated like a king, and he is.”

With Crowell, we celebrate Molokai's great life and his contributions to the sport of eventing. We will never forget him.