Letters From Our Readers

read your August article on Internet horse shopping with interest. I am an adult, first-time horse owner, and I found my horse online. It took me six months and many phone calls, Internet searches and barn visits to find my dream horse, but it was worth it. I agree that Internet searches won’t replace phone calls and barn visits, but for me it substantially expanded the number of horses I was able to consider.

I have owned my gelding for 2 1/2 years now, and he truly is the horse of my dreams. I would never have found him if I hadn’t seen his ad on a horse website.

I’d like to add, however, that in my search, my trainer was my best resource. She helped me formulate questions to ask sellers and went with me to look at horses I was interested in. She helped me avoid choosing a horse that was too ”hot” for me, and so on.

 Thanks for your consistently excellent, balanced articles. I have learned a lot from your publication and believe it has helped me make many good buying decisions.

Kathy Johnson



I was thrilled to see Horsetopia.com included in your August feature ”Internet Horse Shopping.” The article mentioned the camera icon included in our $7.95 photo ad, but I wanted to let you know that our $7.95 ad actually includes two full photos and a free 60-second video to show off your horse, not just the icon.

Another tip I have for anyone selling a horse online is to always put your privacy and security first. Several of the websites that were compared in your article (including Horsetopia) help protect you by hiding your email address and automatically blocking spam inquiries sent from overseas, so that buying or selling online is safe as well as convenient.

Tom Hartman
Founder, Horsetopia.com