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Responses To What We Owe Our Horses

Bieng the proud caretaker of a ”discarded” gelding, I wanted to thank Dr. Eleanor Kellon for her May editorial, ”What We Owe Our Horses.”

I have experienced first-hand the mindset of which Dr. Kellon speaks and, to my everlasting shame, I’ve wronged several horses following the line of thinking that horses are disposable — until the fates graced me with Digger.

Digger had been discarded more than once, and bounced from barn to barn, before he came to me. While others only saw the scoliosis, roached back, and navicular syndrome as reasons to discard Digger, I saw a wonderfully smart, quirky nutcase who is a perfect match for my sense of humor.

I’ve nursed him through necrotizing facitis from a vaccine injection and tick fever (that was in the first three months!), then it was EPM.

His vet asked me why I kept him because his warranty had so obviously expired. I told her that Digger was my opportunity to make up for all the horses I had wronged in the past and that he would get every chance I could give him for a happy life.

A whole lot of people don’t get that mindset (including my husband), but that is where I am and what I am willing to do for this funny, defective, wack-a-do, perfect horse of mine.

Michelle Larsen,

Thanks to Dr. Kellon for saying what is true. Horse slaughter wouldn’t be an issue if all horse owners cared for their horses as they should. I just wanted to let you know I’m impressed by your article.

I’ve owned and ridden horses for over 40 years, and I’m tired of all regular magazines. I learn the most from Horse Journal. I enjoy your articles about the best products and feed for horse owners. It’s so helpful. Horse Journal also saves me money because now I know what I need to buy and what not to buy.

Nancy Parks,

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