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Do You Have Room For Pippy?

With our uploaded articles on driving for and caring for miniature horses, we thought we'd help you look for one.
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Pippy is a blue roan miniature mare looking for a new home. As you can see from the photo, she’s quite willing to play (no, she’s not really a unicorn!).


She’s about 34 inches tall (8.2 hands) and is at the Lost and Found Horse Rescue in Maryland. She came from an animal-hoarding case in Mississippi involving 218 animals.

Pippy has spunk and doesn’t want to just sit around. She’s trained to line drive, longe and lay down (!). She needs a home where weight control is important, so she’ll fit into her driving harness again.

The adoption fee is $500. Pippy is part of the AIM Equine Network's A Home For Every Horse program, which is part of

You can learn more about her here.