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Swollen Eye

In our August 2011 issue, Dr. Deb Eldredge wrote an article on eye care.? Since Horse Journal?s purpose is to ?provide practical solutions and hands-on information our readers can take into the barn and use,? she included specific instructions on how to care for an injured or irritated eye, as well as specific product choices to use. We want our readers to be able to confidently handle much of their own horse care.? Sally came into the barn last night with an eye that looked like she?d gone 10 rounds in a boxing ring (and I don't think she?d have been the victor).? Boy, was I happy we printed that article on eye care! I felt guilty about Sally's eye, as we were supposed to get rain all day so I opted not to put her fly mask on in the morning. Just dumb. It had poured rain the day before, too, and the horses came in like they could barely see due to the water on the mask, which made my decision for that day, but I won?t make that mistake again. We noted that clearly the eye itself wasn?t harmed. No drainage, no wounds, just really puffy all around the outside. It looked irritated, not injured, according to what Dr. Eldredge said in her article. Sally had clearly been rubbing a lot, probably due to pesky flies or possibly because she got into the taller parts of the field. We decided to wash the eye out and, thank goodness, we had one of the products Dr. Eldredge recommended for eye flushing. Must have felt good to Sally, as she initially objected then changed her mind after the first flush. This morning her eye is normal again. that's what I love about doing Horse Journal. We try to discuss the everyday problems we all encounter with our horses and finish with clear recommendations on what to use, why and how.? It also reminded me why so many subscribers tell me that one article a year more than pays for their subscription (a visit from our veterinarian would have cost a lot more). I'm concerned, though. In September?s issue, Dr. Eldredge is talking about diarrhea . . . I sure hope Sally doesn't find out.