Horse Trailer Tips

Horse trailer tips: Here's how to make your trailer more inviting and comfortable for your horse.

1. Protect him with materials and construction (such as aluminum skin over full steel frame) that withstand impact without tearing or splintering.

2. Invite him inside with a well-lit, light-colored trailer interior.

3. Make loading less stressful with a low-angle ramp.

4. Cushion his ride with rubber torsion suspension.

5. Pick a trailer size that gives him room where he needs it most-for his head and feet.

6. Stabilize the interior environment with insulation between double walls.

7. Choose light-colored exterior paint for minimal heat absorption.

8. Keep him comfortable, whatever the temperature, with screened windows and roof vents.

9. Boost his security with floor mats that provide non-slip footing.

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