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Thanksgiving Weight Loss

In the November issue, we asked our readers what horse-ercises they'll use after Thanksgiving.
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To Lose That Weight, I'll...
Walk my five-acre paddock and toss out the rocks. A never-ending job.
-Jo Costello, California

Illustration by Bonnie Timmons

Illustration by Bonnie Timmons

Heft hay bales. Our pasture will be gone by then, and we'll be throwing out 50-pound hay bales for the next four or five months.
-Mara Watson, South Carolina

Tackle some put-off projects that will keep me out at the barn?and away from the leftovers. First on the list: Refinishing an old driving cart.
-Dana Moore, Colorado

Man the wheelbarrow 'til spring. Portland's wet fall/winter weather means I have to park the mini tractor/trailer we use to haul stall cleanings to the manure dump site. It's a 200-yard trek, one way.
-Patty Brumley, Oregon

Practice my showmanship by jogging next to my horse. I also find riding in two-point position?like a jumper rider?is quite aerobic.
-P.B. Jules, New Mexico

Sprint from the house to the barn and back, instead of strolling. As a bonus, it helps keep me warm on the coldest days.
-Jenna Johnson, Washington

Ride my horse to the McDonald's drive-through, instead of taking the car.
-Sophie Thomas, Virginia

Hand-walk my horse during warm-ups and cool-downs. I give my older mare a lot of walk time before and after work sessions, so when I want to burn calories, I just hop down and stride out next to her. (The sandy arena makes for an extra-challenging leg-toner!)
-Kelsey Watanabe, Florida

Ride as much as possible. Our November weather is typically fabulous-----?in the 60s or 70s. (Not to mention a nice break after 100+ temps for two months in the summer!)
-Nala Ann Harris, Texas

Give each of my horses a vigorous currying, alternating arms. Then I work my legs with a series of step-ups onto hay bales.
-Julia Edwards, Idaho

Drop my stirrups for at least part of my practice session, every day. really gets the blood pumping.
-Paula Jensen, Arizona

Lug buckets of warm water to try to thaw out a frozen water tank in the pasture. That is a workout.
-Kurt Moorman, Nebraska