Budget Boots for the Barn

Find budget-friendly boots with comfort and practicality for pain-free riding.

Credit: Photo by Alexis Bennett Do you have a “pasture ornament” or two around your place? Our five strategies will help keep rarely ridden horses from going completely to seed.

The Rarely Ridden Horse

Use these five strategies from our experts to keep your seldom-ridden horse tuned-up and connected with you.


Which Blanket's Best

Use our flowchart to find out which category your horse’s living situation falls into, and then find the perfect blanket that’ll keep him warm, dry, and cozy this winter.

Credit: Photo by Jennifer Paulson

Outsmart Anticipation

An equine behaviorist teaches you the why, and expert trainers teach you the how behind your horse’s anticipation—so you can nix it now.


Warmth From the Top

Surviving winter weather starts with your head; find headgear that’ll keep you toasty while you ride.


Out of (Saddle) Shape

Stay in riding shape through the winter with tips from rider-workout specialist Kelly Altschwager.