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Like many significant achievements, Absorbine® grew out of humble beginnings—and through the tenacity of someone willing to question the status quo. In this case, it was a young woman in late 19th-century Massachusetts: Mary Ida Young. Her husband, Wilbur Fenelon Young, was an enterprising piano deliveryman who relied on the couple’s team of horses to make deliveries throughout the Northeast.

Jaime McKinley and Adam Raczkowski - W.F. Young

Chapter 12: Forever Young

125 years. It was a long time for any business to survive and prosper, let alone a family business.

Barbara Young & Jessica Young

Chapter 11: Young Women

The women of the family have been the heart and soul of W.F. Young Company.

Tyler-Young-W.F. Young

Chapter 10: Young Turk

Tyler Young pulled into the company parking lot, killing the ignition and sitting for a moment, lost in thought. Hard to believe it had been more than two decades since his Dad died and Tyler took the helm at the age of 27.


Chapter 9: A Young Team

Wilbur Young III and Donald Smith of W.F. Young expand the company’s product lines and image.


Chapter 8: Young Blood

Wilbur F. Young III’s innovations strengthen the company


Chapter 7: Young Traditions

A third generation guides the business in new directions while never forgetting the past

MIY in Black Chiffon Dress 1920's

Chapter 4: Young Once

Mary Ida bravely faces her future, and the company’s, after Junior’s sudden death


Chapter 3: You’re Only As Young As You Feel

The W.F. Young Co., and Mary Ida, survive tough times.


Chapter 2: A Wise Head On Young Shoulders

Wilbur Young, Jr. contributes to the family business at the ripe old age of five.

Mary Ida reading on couch

Chapter 1: Young At Heart

A couple’s passion fuels a 125 year dedication to enhance animal care and wellness.