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The key to riding after your horse recovers from an injury: Don’t rush! If he doesn’t seem ready to move on to more challenging work at a set benchmark, give him time rather than moving forward in his rehab.

Rehab Done Right

Trainer Carol Metcalf provides strategic tips to help a reader safely and successfully recondition her horse for work after a long layup.

Your first impression on the judge in the show ring sets the stage for your performance. This rider’s ready to impress with her clean, professional appearance, her horse’s keen expression, and her overall confident demeanor.

Make a Good First Impression

Andrea Simons shows our reader how to make a great first impression on the judge—and maybe nab that next blue ribbon!

The Henneke Body Condition Scale helps horse owners assess the varying degrees of fat in their horses by rating six key conformation points: neck, withers, crease of back, tail head, ribs, and behind the shoulder.

Fit is the Best Color: How to Manage Your Horse's Weight

Discover contributing factors to weight gain in horses and how to trim down your overweight horse.

Fitness Tips for a Better Ride promo image

Fitness Tips for a Better Ride

A Team Horse & Rider panel offers fitness tips to make your saddle time more effective--and more enjoyable.