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Assistant trainer Clayton Anderson on Perfect Performance. Courtesy of Aaron Griffin/Chris Cox Horsemanship.

Beyond Road to the Horse

What happens when you take a "kid" off his remote ranch home, send him to school for a few days ? taught in front of a packed crowd ? then send him on out of the limelight? Does he retain that education? Is he helped or hindered by the ?speed learning??


Trailer Prep Tips

?A good roadside assistance program is something all horse owners should have but hope they will never have to use,? says Bill Riss, general manager for USRider. ?To that end, our mission is to continually educate horse owners about trailering safety.?

Thomas Saunders V rides Red Hot Powder to round up some young horses to be branded and gelded. Journal photo

Seven Generations Strong

Thomas Bailey Saunders moved to Texas in 1850 and established a cattle ranch. Now his kinfolk ? six generations later ? are still ranching in Texas. And they?re finding innovative ways of doing it, ways that weren?t even imagined in the mid-19th century.