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Bathe your horse thoroughly on the day before a horse show or big event. Journal photo.

Bathing Beauty

Bath time is a great time to assess horse health and keep your horse?s coat gleaming.


Groom Your Horse for Good Health

Follow these grooming tips to help maintain horse health.

Jenny Lance says that while navigating small uphill or downhill slopes, the rider?s leaning should be barely perceptible. Photo courtesy of Live to Ride.

Riding Horses on Hills

Build strength and balance by horseback riding on an incline.

Quarter Horses have brought some calm to the storm for Jacob, as well as many others. Journal photo.

Horseback Riding for the Soul

This Warrior Wellness program and its American Quarter Horses serve those who served their country.

Matt Rockwell makes sure to build a good foundation on all of his cowboy mounted shooting horses. Journal photo.

All in a Day's Shooting

Grab your gun and head to the arena--it's time to ride. Follow a cowboy mounted shooter.

Journal photo

Get Out and Ride

Don't let a lack of confidence keep you from having fun horseback riding.

?Goldie? bonded to the riders at HorseFriends quickly because of her blindness. Photo courtesy of HorseFriends.

Blind Ambition

Being blind didn?t limit this little mare?s horseback-riding adventures. From America's Horse Daily.

America's Horse Journal

Beating the Weather

USRider offers bad-weather tips for traveling with your horses.

Journal photo

Overcoming the Hay Shortage

Safeguard horse health by ensuring proper nutrition, even during a drought.

Practicing picking up your horse's hoof is important to a well-trained horse. Photo from AQHA's "Fundamentals of Horsemanship."

Hoof Please!

Horse training from the ground up: Asking politely for your horse?s feet.

Mounted exercises and stretches on the longe line can improve your riding. (Journal photo)

Exercise in the Saddle

If you're short on time or have no instructor, why not stretch while mounted?

Allergies can make a horse miserable, but they are manageable. Journal photo.

Itchy and Scratchy

Equine allergies are nothing to sneeze at. Learn how to manage this horse health issue.

Barn disaster

Disaster Preparedness for Horses

Make equine emergencies easier to handle with the three Ps: plan, prepare and prevent.

Lindsey, on Blue, and Clayton, on Bluefoot, like to play in the pasture on their family's ranch in Gonzales, Texas. Journal photo.

True Blue: A Horse Like Family

This American Quarter Horse has been a family treasure. From America's Horse Daily.

John Barletta and Monty.

The Quarter Horse Who Protected Reagan

If President Reagan rode, the Secret Service rode, and "Monty" and John Barletta were at his side.

Bob Jeffreys and Suzanne Sheppard teach at the 2010 WEG. Journal photo

Is It My Horse, Or Is It Me?

America's Horse Daily has answers as to why your horse won't stand still for you to mount.

Ken McNabb and Jericho. Journal photo

The First 30 Days With Your Horse

What to focus on during your first month?s worth of rides on your horse.


Check Your Tires

USRider reminds equestrians to check the tires on your tow vehicles and trailers.

Assistant trainer Clayton Anderson on Perfect Performance. Courtesy of Aaron Griffin/Chris Cox Horsemanship.

Beyond Road to the Horse

What happens when you take a "kid" off his remote ranch home, send him to school for a few days ? taught in front of a packed crowd ? then send him on out of the limelight? Does he retain that education? Is he helped or hindered by the ?speed learning??


Trailer Prep Tips

?A good roadside assistance program is something all horse owners should have but hope they will never have to use,? says Bill Riss, general manager for USRider. ?To that end, our mission is to continually educate horse owners about trailering safety.?

Thomas Saunders V rides Red Hot Powder to round up some young horses to be branded and gelded. Journal photo

Seven Generations Strong

Thomas Bailey Saunders moved to Texas in 1850 and established a cattle ranch. Now his kinfolk ? six generations later ? are still ranching in Texas. And they?re finding innovative ways of doing it, ways that weren?t even imagined in the mid-19th century.

Little Connor "makes the connection." Photo by Don Treadway, Jr.

Grandparents Make the Connection

Grandparents have a tremendous influence on their grandkids' love of horses.

Journal photo

Springtime = Mosquitoes

Unvaccinated horses may be at serious risk of contracting mosquito-borne illnesses, even in areas where the disease may not be common.

Courtesy Glenwood Elementary School

Giving Kids in British Columbia the Chance to Fall in Love with Horses

The "A Pony Comes to School" program teaches elementary school children about safety, fun horse facts and the agricultural community.

Courtesy AQHA

Soap Your Saddle

Use these tips to get your tack in tip-top shape. From America's Horse Daily.

Courtesy Bailey Farm

Protect Your Horse from Thieves

Debi Metcalf shares her tips to keep your horse out of thieves? hands. From America's Horse Daily.

Trail Riding. Courtesy Horse & Rider

Sharing the Trail: Protect Our Horseback Riding Privileges on Public Land

Crowded trails can create friction between horseback riders, hikers and bikers. Learn how to do your part to share the trails with others.