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APHA Guide to Recreational Riding

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Recreational Riding: How Do I Organize A Successful Ride?

If you or an organization to which you belong, decide to host a trail ride, the best advice is plan ahead?way ahead. The amount of planning on the scale of your ride will vary. It generally takes six to 12 months to properly organize a trail ride. However, a one-or two-day ride may be organized in less than three months.

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Recreational Riding: Safety and Etiquette

For recreational riders, nothing is more enjoyable than traveling across open country on the back of a good horse. Whether you ride by yourself, with several friends, or as part of an organized group, your day in the saddle will be more fun and safe if you keep a few simple rules in mind.

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Recreational Riding: Is Special Attire Required?

There are no hard-and-fast rules when it comes to recreational riding apparel. Safety, comfort and functionality are the primary concerns. However, there are some clothing items that provide safety and should be considered when choosing your riding attire.

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Recreational Riding: What Kind of Tack and Gear Do I Need?

Before going recreational riding you need to go over a check list to make sure your horse is properly outfitted for maximum comfort and safety for both you and him.