Ashley Griffin, University of Kentucky

Horse Touch. Courtesy eXtension HorseQuest

Horse Touch

The sense of touch is one of the most developed and important for the horse in terms of human interaction. The nose, lips, mouth, and possibly the ears are the most sensitive areas to touch. Although hooves do not respond to touching, various parts of the hoof are able to feel touch.

Horse Taste. Courtesy eXtension HorseQuest

Horse Taste

Numerous research studies have been carried out on horses' taste preference. What researchers have found is that the sense of taste in horses is probably not as important as the sense of smell, and it is difficult to separate behavioral responses that are due primarily to taste from responses caused by the olfactory sense.

Horse Hearing. Courtesy eXtension HorseQuest

Horse Hearing

A horse?s hearing is much keener than ours. They use their hearing for three primary functions: to detect sounds, to determine the location of the sound, and to provide sensory information that allows the horse to recognize the identity of these sounds