Beth Benard


Media Critique: The Controls of the Horse: A Modern Approach to the Classical Rein and Leg Aids

This DVD will enlighten the experienced and not-so-experienced rider.

It’s the stallion’s temperament that you should weigh most heavily.

The Right Stallion for Your Mare

Look deeper than that jaw-dropping stud-horse physique and don’t be afraid to try a little negotiation over the stud fee.

In some cases, cribbing horses do less damage than actual wood chewers.

The Cribbing Controversy

It's not a compulsion. It's actually meeting a physical need.

Late weaning offers the foal more benefits.

It's Time to Re-Think Early Weaning of Horses

Separating them too soon benefits no one.


Stumbling: The Trip You Don’t Want to Take With Your Horse

If your horse frequently stumbles, you need to put on your detective hat because it doesn’t happen without reason.

Carpet remnants can help with mud.

Muddy Walkways and Horses

We horse people love everything about spring except the mud!