I keep every horse that I can barefoot in front until the horse’s hooves or the ground conditions necessitate a change.

A Foundation for Success

A horse’s soundness and ability to perform depend on his feet.

An oil-based shine product can help highlight the black points on your horse’s head and face. We also banded this gelding’s forelock, which made for a tidy, polished look.

9 Tips for Show-Ring Shine

Use these pre-show spiff-up tips to prep your horse for an eye-catching performance.

At first glance, this horse looks like he has conformation faults that could turn off a potential buyer. But they’re really the fault of a distracting background and a bad photography angle, coupled with lack of grooming and random leg placement.

How to Take a Photo That Sells

Learn how a few extra minutes and a little elbow grease can take your next sale-ad photo to a professional level.

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Get a Better Response

It doesn't come from a bigger bit (or bigger spurs or bigger cues). Read on to get the answer.

RULE 1: Avoid a fight. It can take an annoyance and turn it into an issue. For example, this gelding will untie himself; he’s also a blanket destroyer. Such horses tend to be busy-minded. Rather than fight him, we try to keep his mind occupied.

3 Rules for Dealing With Quirky Horses

Use these insights to help solve (or at least learn to live with) your horse’s ‘unique’ personality.

Finding Mr. (or Ms.) Right can be frustrating. But the 11 tips I’ll give you here will help you avoid some of the mistakes I’ve made when buying horses.

11 Tips for Finding ‘Mr. (or Ms.) Right’

Shopping for a horse? Avoid ‘Mr. Wrong’ by using these guidelines, gleaned from a lifetime of buying horses.