Cashel Company

Guard your horse from flies on a ride with a lightweight mesh fly mask, like one from Cashel’s Quiet Ride line.

Fly Protection for Every Situation

Many horse owners get stuck when it comes to riding and full-body protection. Fly repellent is only effective for a brief period, and if you plan to be out for a long ride or simply aren’t home to re-apply repellent throughout the day, you want to ensure that your horse is comfortable.

A fly mask with ears can not only keep pesky flies at bay, but also help a horse with an ear nick or infection heal more quickly by providing a layer of protection.

First-Line Summer Defense

Fly gear is the unsung hero of the horse world. As you use it to protect your horse from irritating and disease-carrying flies during peak season, you unknowingly do much more to keep him comfortable.

Fly masks are a chemical-free way to protect your horse from flies.

Tips for a Fly-Free Summer

Because many store-bought and homemade fly repellents only protect for up to a few hours, protective horsewear is a must. A well-fitted fly mask, like Cashel Company’s Crusader Fly Mask, keeps bugs out of horses’ eyes.