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Dr. Chris Skelly

Volunteers leading and spotting riders in Michigan's Proud Equestrian Program.

Volunteering with Horses: Good for you and good for others

Volunteering provides many ways to get involved in the horse industry. If you need to fill that horse-less void, consider working with others that share your passion and learn as you go.

This beautiful mare retired from showing at Class A Arabian Horse Shows and was leased to 4-H members who showed her in walk trot classes at local community fairs. She was put down recently at the age of 27 years, after teaching many youth to ride and love horses.

Leasing a Horse ?Staying in the Shallow End of Horse Ownership

Leasing a horse is a great way to experience horse ownership without assuming all of the risks.

Riding Lessons for Horseless Equestrians

Riding lessons can help the horseless equestrian enjoy horses without the responsiblities and financial demands of ownership.

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Is Horse Ownership for You?

Horse ownership seems like the right fit, but as anyone who owns a horse will tell you, ?It is not a hobby, it is a lifestyle.? Horses are time consuming and expensive. Thinking through the time committment and expense of owning a horse before buying your first horse will help you prepare for the day to day realities of horse ownership.

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Welcome to Horse Ownership 2.0

Welcome to my new blog, Horse Ownership 2.0. My name is Christine Skelly and I am the equine extension specialist at Michigan State University. I received my doctorate at Texas A&M University in equine nutrition and physiology--basically how to feed horses and how a horse?s body responds to exercise and stress. I have worked with a broad range of horse owners around the country including ranchers, race horse owners, elite performance horseman and first time horse owners. I am the founder and