Dr. Chris Skelly

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Is Horse Ownership for You?

Horse ownership seems like the right fit, but as anyone who owns a horse will tell you, ?It is not a hobby, it is a lifestyle.? Horses are time consuming and expensive. Thinking through the time committment and expense of owning a horse before buying your first horse will help you prepare for the day to day realities of horse ownership.

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Welcome to Horse Ownership 2.0

Welcome to my new blog, Horse Ownership 2.0. My name is Christine Skelly and I am the equine extension specialist at Michigan State University. I received my doctorate at Texas A&M University in equine nutrition and physiology--basically how to feed horses and how a horse?s body responds to exercise and stress. I have worked with a broad range of horse owners around the country including ranchers, race horse owners, elite performance horseman and first time horse owners. I am the founder and