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Christine Barakat for EQUUS magazine

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Your Aging Horse: Winter Horse Care

To keep older horses comfort?able and healthy through the season, David Trachtenberg, DVM, recommends focusing on the two areas of winter horse care that can have the biggest influence on the health of older horses---horse feeding and horse blanketing. From EQUUS magazine.

Beach ride at sunset. Courtesy EQUUS magazine

Riding on the Beach

Riding on the beach is a ?bucket-list? item of many riders, and with good reason. A gallop along the surf can be exhilarating for both horse and rider. But if you decide to try riding on the beach this summer, keep a few things in mind. By Christine Barakat for EQUUS magazine.

Spring Shedding Tips

Want to help your horse shed his winter coat? Grooming expert Susan Harris offers advice about the best tools and techniques.

Horse eating

Avoiding Colic

Reduce your horse?s chance of developing severe digestive upset by taking a few simple precautions. From EQUUS magazine.

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Developing a Trustworthy Trail Horse

Three seasoned trail riders offer strategies for overcoming the most common spoilers of the great-outdoor horseback experience. From EQUUS magazine.

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Your Horse's Night Vision

Horses have excellent night vision, and on a night lit by a partial moon or by bright stars alone, normally sighted horses can see as well as you do in full daylight.