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Christine Barakat


What's your horse's ulcer risk?

A horse coping with gastric ulcers may not always show outward signs of discomfort, but you can calculate his risk by taking a closer look at how he is managed.


Manage your horse to live longer

How you care for your horse today— whether he is 2, 7, 15 or anywhere in between— can have a significant impact on his health when he reaches old age. Here are the five essentials for longevity.

Grooming box

A Guide to Buying Horse Grooming Brushes

Buying the right grooming tools requires weighing several factors, including exactly what you need it to do, how much you want to spend and your own personal preferences.

Common Equine Dental Problems

Here?s how to recognize dental malformations and abnormal wear patterns in horses. From EQUUS magazine


How to Test Your Horse's Hay

Follow these five steps to test your horse's hay and screen for harmful bales.