Clinton Anderson

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Earn Your Horse’s Respect

“To earn your horse’s respect and trust, you need to make him comfortable for doing the right thing and uncomfortable for doing the wrong thing,” says top trainer/clinician Clinton Anderson. Read on for training tips.

If you feel your horse even thinking about genuine bucking, do a one-rein stop to prevent it. Once you’ve got him stopped, get off and go right to work moving his feet from the ground.

No Bucking Broncos!

Do your groundwork in advance, then know precisely what to do if your horse does buck or crow-hop.

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'I Give, You Give'

Feeling hands and a consistent approach will recondition a “heads-up” horse to flex at the poll.

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'What's the Rush?'

Is your horse super-lazy on the lead line? Here’s how to get energy into his feet.


Helicopter Exercise

Teach your horse to accept movement and noise above him with this exercise from top clinician Clinton Anderson.

If your horse tries to bolt on the trail, dismount and put him to work longeing for respect. This gets him using the thinking side of his brain, helps to calm him down, and keeps you both safe.

Out-of-Control Trail Horse

What to do on the trail when your horse just won’t settle down—and even tries to bolt.

A horse displaying “buddy” behavior just wants to be with his pals. I’ll show you how to teach him that being apart from his friends can be desirable, too—sometimes even more so.

'Buddy' Problems on the Trail

Does your horse act herd-bound when you ask him to leave his trail buddies? Here’s the fix.

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Clinton Anderson: Build Good Habits

Don't let minor faults become ingrained in your horse's mind--correct them from the get-go.

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Clinton Anderson: Longeing for Respect, Part 1

Learn to send your horse onto a circle, then ask him to stop, in this first of two parts on longeing for respect.