Craig Wood, University of Kentucky

A Basic First Aid Kit for Horses

It is a good idea to keep two first aid kits. One should be kept in the barn or tack room as the primary kit and should be easily accessible in case of emergency. The second kit should contain the bare essentials and be portable so it can be taken on rides.

Proper Horse Bandaging

Proper Bandaging Techniques for Horses

There are any number of reasons to bandage a horse's leg. Bandaging can provide both protection and support for the horse while working, traveling, resting, or recovering from injury. Regardless of the reason a bandage is being applied, it is essential that the proper technique be used.

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How to Administer Deworming Medicine in Horses

Today, most horses are given an oral dewormer as a paste or gel by the horse owner or farm manager. Research has shown that paste or gel deworming is as effective as tube deworming. Oral deworming is also more convenient and far safer than tube deworming.

Hoof problems. Courtesy Horse & Rider

Common Hoof Problems

A horses's hoof can develop several types of problems. Here are a few of the most common, along with possible treatment.