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Cynthia Foley

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Enter at A

Our performance was fueled by our determination to provide the best information available

Adorable Christmas Video promo image

Adorable Christmas Video

They state it's gone viral - for good reason.

A Quiet Barn: Better Than a Tranqulizer promo image

A Quiet Barn: Better Than a Tranqulizer

An extra trip to the barn was just what I needed.

Happy Thanksgiving promo image

Happy Thanksgiving

As horse people, we have a lot on our "plates."

Benefits of Barn Work promo image

Benefits of Barn Work

Why go to a gym? We've got all we need right here in the barn.

Barn Building promo image

Barn Building

The first thing you learn is that you're not really in charge - of anything.

Monarch Butterflies promo image

Monarch Butterflies

We were lucky enough to see one step of their migration.

In herds, when one horse runs, they all run.

Horses and Planes

Horse killed when frightened by helicopters.

Credit: Pony's Tail and Mane Cut Off Without Owner's Knowledge

Equine Vandalism - Cutting Off Manes and Tails

Horse owners need to be aware this is happening.

Uncle Don created a painting of Mom, as a child, with Barney and the scattered milk cans.

When Horses Are Truly Part of Your Soul

One simple comment and a huge realization.

Credit: If horses were people - Episode 8

"It Ate Tony."

One of the lines from the funniest video series on horses ever.

Maybe the grass on the other side of the fence is home-made.

Reliable Recipes or Time Wasters

Home-made doesn't mean it's arguably better than what you grab from a store.

Maybe It's You

Whether under saddle, or on the ground, your horse’s behavior begins and ends with you.

Mosquito activity may peak with full moons.

Mosquito Activity

Mosquito bites are nothing to scratch off.


Meditation For Two

Of all the horse books I've read, this is the one that touched my soul.

Link to Video included in this post.

Horses on TV

World Cup and Rolex Kentucky this month!

An ASTM-SEI certified helmet is a safety necessity.

New Bill Announced for Helmet Safety

Connecticut Congressman introduces the Helmet Safety Bill to the House.

Good-bye, Blanco. promo image

Good-bye, Blanco.

Thank you for your part in Lord of the Rings.


Editorials, Commentaries and Veterinary Viewpoints

Are you looking for these Horse Journal specials?

Amazing Equine Recovery Story

Stolen horse "sold" to friend.

Equine Yoga?

Definitely not for me, but it's amazing to watch.


Do You Have Room For Pippy?

With our uploaded articles on driving for and caring for miniature horses, we thought we'd help you look for one.

Gorgeous Equine Footage

Beautiful horses in an artistic video.

17-Horse Jump Off

Exciting video from the USEFNetwork.

Credit: draft-horses-rescued Bee Silver Farm  Rescued: Turbo and Diesel.

A Feel Good Moment For All Horse Lovers

Turbo and Diesel will spend their days at Bee Silver Farm

Funniest Video Ever

Our pals at Horse & Rider found this one, and we want to share it too!

Get Rid of Puddles

The trick is to use the very thing causing the mess: Snow.


Shedding Season Tools

Do you wonder if the FURminator is worth $60?

Massage Illegal in Arizona?

Should a massage therapist be a veterinarian to work on a horse?

Credit: Foley With a sound monitor installed in the barn, we can hear this alarm in the house if someone opens a stall door.

Horse Sexual Abuse: The Elephant in the Room

Animal sexual abuse is real. We need to face it and protect our horses.

Equine Footing Video - Dr. Hilary Clayton

The pros and cons of expensive and inexpensive footing and "variety."


Horse Journal's Groundbreaking New Format

Our new digital publication will keep you up-to-date on a daily basis.

Credit: credit-photo-jack-affleckvail-resorts.-photo-may-be-used-for-editorial-purposes-only. Will Bode Miller trade in his skis for horses?

Olympic Skier Bode Miller a Horse Trainer?

He's a friend of Bob Baffert - a Kentucky Derby winning horse trainer..

Warming A Winter's Day: Dressage Horse Brentina's Video

The most motivational dressage video ever - great rider, beautiful horse, perfect music.

Veterinarians and Drugs in Your Barn promo image

Veterinarians and Drugs in Your Barn

Could a 44-year-old law force you to take your horse to the vet?

Wild Horse Footage

A young stallion is told it's time to step out on your own.

Credit: marie_penny_photo

Should We Report Bad News?

No one wants to hear it, but ignoring it isn't the answer either.

By Horse Journal Editor-in-Chief Cynthia Foley

Consumers Direct the Marketplace - Shopping for Horse Stuff

Every time we make a purchase, we cast a vote.

A lovely Morgan-QH cross mare available for adoption.

Pretty Mayflower Needs A Home

She got a 1 on the temperament scale aka bombproof.


Kentucky Disease Scare is Not True

As usual, social media can escalate a rumor into a panic.


The Words of a Stranger

Most online product and service reviews are best taken with a grain of salt.


Good-Bye, Molokai

Dorothy Trapp Crowell's great event horse passes away at 30.


Large Veterinary Vaccine Market Growth Expected

Increasing animal diseases, including zoonotic diseases, are driving the industry.


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