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Video: Equitrekking's 10 Great Places to Ride--#3 Jordan

Jordan's Wadi Rum Desert, called The Valley of the Moon, tops our charts for its spectacular scenery, Bedouin culture and desert wildlife.

Video: Equitrekking's 10 Great Places to Ride--#10 Waipi'o Valley in Hawaii

Explore waterfalls, wild horses and beautiful surroundings in the Waipi'o Valley, ranked #10 in Equitrekking's countdown of 10 Great Places to Ride.

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Pony Trekking on the Gower Peninsula, Wales

Castles, ancient tombs and beautiful beaches! Ride Welsh ponies with me from a Victorian hunting lodge in Wales. Darley Newman for

Darley in Petra

Exploring Little Petra on Horseback

Darley Newman of describes this magical journey: "Petra is the ancient Nabataean city carved into the rocks in southern Jordan. It?s one of the new Seven Wonder of the World that many long to visit."

Darley in Uruguay

Eco-friendly Estancia in Uruguay

Darley Newman from says, "I enjoy finding hidden gems when I travel and places where I can ride that make me feel like I am stepping back to a simpler, more natural time. The estancias that I visited in Uruguay, a small, rural country in South America, were some of these."